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watching BL in the corner of my room


watching BL in the corner of my room

♥︎ Unpopularopinionsbydemand's page. brought to you by the four side couples that will forever have my heart ♥︎

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♥︎ ¨People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.¨ ♥︎

                                                                                                                           - Winnie The Pooh describing my life.

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On the 4th of July, 2020, my life was forever changed as I was swept into the world of BL and have been obsessed ever since. There are no words that can describe my newfound love for BL. I enjoy the people, the community, and the AMAZING series(es?) that have seriously added so much joy to my life.

Favorites of all time !

A Tale of Thousand Stars
✩ ໑ ₊˚✧

Thai BL (ft. Mix and Earth) 

DNA Says Love You
˳✧༚ ♡ ☠
Tawianese BL (ft. Erek and Lukas) 
Gameboys: The Movie
✎ ̼ ◡̈ ☢
Fillipino BL (ft. Eljiah and Kokoy)
Minato Shouji's Coin Laundry
Japanese BL (ft. Takuya and Sho) 
First Love Again
Korean BL (ft. Gun and Changha) 

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What I watch !

This is strictly a BL page only! I will only list and review Asian country dramas/comedies that are representative of the LGBTQIA+ community! I will occasionally watch Kdramas or Jdramas, but I'm not motivated enough to write about them. Every show that I have watched has a review! The only ones that don't are HIStory 3: Trapped, The Moment, and 3 Will Be Free. 

✩ ✫ ✬

I can watch basically any series out there.
I do not like movies whatsoever, and will only tune into one if there was a series that made their sequel or special episode into a movie (ex - Gameboys the Movie, Hello Stranger the Movie).
As you can see, I'm a huge fan of Mr.Heart, but more so a sucker for Lee Se Jin.
I would LOVE to be recommended a series! Like I said, I'm open to anything, and will watch basically everything with LGBTQIA+ representation! But, if you also think that there's a Kdrama or Jdrama that I would like, then please don't be afraid to recommend me! Also, if anyone ever reads some of my reviews and wants to chat, then feel free to message me so we can rant together !

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Favorite tropes


~ Friends to Lovers

~ Unrequited Love

~ Detailed Plot


~ Fluffy and Lighthearted

~ Love Triangles

~ Domestic lovey-dovey shiz

~ online/over-the-screen themes (a new concept due to COVID)

~ Anthology Series (each episode or two is a different couple/story) 

\ | | | | | | | | | | | | /



~ Sensuality

~ Secondary couples

~ bubbly seme / stern uke 

~ ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT (did I mention I like consent??) 

~ younger/older (appropriate ages) 

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How I Rate !!!

➶ 10 Stars
IMMACULATE - all the 10s I give are very subjective. I gave IPYTM and Great Men Academy the same rating and they are on a completely different scales. It's based on how I feel, whether happy or somber. It's when I feel empty after it's over and that there's no other BL like it when I know it was good. A 10 means the series was amazing in all aspects and maybe a few nit-picky things, but for the most part, it left me with a moral, some motivation, or much-needed confidence, and holds a special place in my heart.

➴ as of now - 29 series w/ 10 stars ➶
A 10-Star Series - Mr.Unlucky Has No Choice But to Kiss 

A 9-Star Series - The Ecplise
➴ 9 Stars 

HEARTENING - Any series with a 9 had all good aspects, but maybe one of them wasn't the best. The plot could be a bit wonky, or maybe it was the acting. However, it still left me with a feeling that lasted a while, whether it was heartwarming, comforting, or gratifying. Most of the time, I give 9s to series that were good at the time of my watch but would be forgetful as I continue on my BL endeavor (this is not the case of all of them though). 

➶ as of now - 46 series w/ 9 stars

➶ 8 Stars

ENTERTAINING - Most of the 8s I give out are to shows that left me entertained, but that was it. There was something about it that I was put off by or a key aspect that I thought it lacked. There was something about it that was nice, but not nice enough to be higher than an 8. It was almost a disappointment, but there was something that I really enjoyed that was the saving grace for that series. 

➴ as of now - 43 series w/ 8 stars ➶

   An 8-Star Series - Choco Milk Shake
A 7-Star Series - Sky in Your Heart 
➴ 7 Stars 

SATISFYING - This is a series that lacked in many aspects and not just one. There were many obvious problems in either the acting, story, production, subtitles, soundtrack, or it could've been slow and boring. It sadly passed the line of being disappointing, but I could still see the greatness or potential in something or someone. It's at least worth finishing to support the cast, and worth decently rating because there was a team that worked hard on producing it.  

➶ as of now - 29 series w/ 7 stars ➴

➶ 6 Stars

DISCOMFORTING - A huge aspect in that series was either problematic,  disturbing, strange, tedious, or all of the above. Because of that aspect, it's hard for me to enjoy any other part of the series. To add on, the acting, story, soundtrack, or production was off. There was a side plot or character that I liked that saved it from being dropped.

➴ as of now - 18 series w/ 6 stars ➶

A 6-Star Series - Plus and Minus

A 5-Star Series - Oh! Boarding House
➴ 5 Stars 

REGRETTABLE - This series was a complete waste, and regrettable watch. There was definitely some acting, production, story, or casting problems. However, there was something that was good at the beginning, but not the end, or vice versa. I finished the series because I felt that I had to, and regret starting it in the first place. This series had a pinch of something good, and it's what motivated me to at least finish.

➶ as of now - 19 series w/ 5 stars ➴
➶ 4 Stars ➴

PITFUL - A big waste of time. Honestly, why didn't I drop it?  There was nothing in that series that was worth watching. The only reason I gave it a somewhat decent rating is because there was still a team and cast behind it that worked hard on it. Maybe there was a character that I could tolerate, or maybe the soundtrack or production was at least decent.    

➴ as of now - 6 series w/ 4 stars ➶

A 4-Star Series - That's My Candy

A 3-Star Series - Hit Bite Love

➶ 3 Stars ➴

SORRY - Finally had my first 3-star series. These series had no promising aspects at all, and I literally just watched because it's so bad that it might've been somewhat entertaining. 

➴ as of now - 6 series w/ 4 stars ➶

Dropped Series - Big Dragon

On-Hold Series - Tin Jem Jai

Not Interest Series - Even Sun

➴ 3 - 1 Stars 

I have currently not rated any series lower than a 4. If there is a show that I feel deserves less than a four, then it's most definitely on my dropped list. 

Dropped - Series that had no potential (or maybe showed it at the beginning, but lost me on the way). Not worth watching or spending my time on finishing. There is no chance that I will ever decide to pick the series back up. 

On Hold - Something about the show didn't sit right with me, or I just couldn't connect/get into it at the time. However, I still see the potential it could have and will come back to it later.

Not Interested - A series that I found could possibly entertain me, but it's not worth watching at the moment. There is a small possibility that I could go back to watch, but not 100% likely.


₊ ༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚ 。₊ ༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚。

How I review !

Most of my reviews are from dramas that I had seen quite a while ago. I could have possibly forgotten something or said something that had never happened. If you spot something off in my reviews, please feel free to comment and tell me! Overall, my reviews are correct to how I felt at that moment. 

I write what I didn't like about the series more than I write about how much I did like it, even for a 10-star series. Some of my reviews can be a bit nit-picky, so only take it with a grain of salt.

I NEVER rewatch dramas. If anything, I will watch parts of it that were my favorite, but I will never go back and rewatch what I've already seen. Because of this, I do "Recommendation Value" instead of Rewatch Value. 

Some BLs that I have rated 10s or 9s are now questionable to me. Since having seen really good dramas I could possibly go back and re-rate and re-review them. For now, it shows my initial feeling of that show, but they'll definitely change.

Because some of these series were watched a while ago, I don't remember the OST and I'm too lazy to go back and listen. I'm honestly not harsh on the music, and my average rating for it is 5 stars.  If I can remember it, then I'll give it its proper rating.

₊ ༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚ 。₊ ༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚。

Things to note/ watch rules!

Things to note - 
  • I don't watch any dramas that are side BLs or bromances (One I regret watching - Kiss Me Again). 

  • I now do episode reviews, but only for on-air series.

  • I do NOT ship actors! If I am referring to those actors, I'm talking about their on-screen chemistry as their characters (for example - Earth and Mix)!

  • Fanservice is the cringest thing on the planet. It feels forced and uncomfortable. I don't hate on those that like it, but just know that I would like to not discuss it on my page ( it ruins the series for me). 
Watch rules -

1. I will try not to watch more than about 4 on-air series at a time.

2. I will only watch two completed series at a time. 

3. I don't like switching between series because usually, I'll forget what happened, so I finish one series (or on-hold, dropped, not interest, etc) before moving on to the next.

4. I can have as many series on my Plan To Watch as I want.

5. Just enjoy what I'm watching!

₊ ༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚ 。₊ ༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚。

 ♫ KPOP ♫
It's the same as how I fell in love with BL. It came across my timeline, and I took the time to check it out and realized I loved it. The only group I can really say I'm "part" of is Enhypen. Treasure and Stray Kids are other groups that I occasionally listen to their music or watch their YT videos, but I wouldn't call myself a full-on fan. 

~ TXT ~
ULT group. Enough said.

~ Enhypen ~

I really got into Kpop when a video of Jake from Enhypen was recommended to me on YT. I learned what group he was from, I learned all of their names and got to see them debut. 

Bias - Sunoo

 New faves since 2022 when I saw them in concert. Their songs are a BIG bop. 

₊ ༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚ 。₊ ༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚。

♥︎ That's all I got for you bestie. Please don't be shy to message me! ♥︎

This page is to spread positivity only!
All opinions are my own, and no one has to agree or disagree! 

Please leave any constructive criticism you got! I'm always open to fix or correct any mistakes I make!
This page is everyone friendly!
None of the images are mine, All GIFS and pictures belong to their rightful owner ;)


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