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My name is Kayla, and I'm a 23 year old girl who enjoys KPop, anime, K-Dramas, J-Dramas, BL, and lots and lots of reading =^.^= 

I got into anime first back in 2014, that same year I discovered KPop, but I didn't truly become a fan until early 2016. I watched my first drama in December, and (obviously) have been in love ever since

My first K-Dramas (and first dramas ever) were Boys Before Flowers and Playful Kiss

My first J-Drama was Good Morning Call, but I didn't really get into them until after I watched Mischievous Kiss (which I think is way better than Playful Kiss ;P)

My first Lakorn or Thai drama was Love Sick The Series (PhunNoh is one of my favorite ships)

My first BL movie was Boys Love (it doesn't have the happiest of endings, watch at your own discretion)

My first animes were Black Butler and Death Note

My first KPop group was Big Bang and the song was 'Fantastic Baby'. TVXQ really got me into KPop with 'Something'though. My current favorite bands are BTS, TXT, GOT7, EXO, DAY6, VIXX, BlackPink, Twice, Seventeen, KARD, NCT, Red Velvet, iKON, Stray Kids, Everglow, ITZY, and Winner. My favorite solo artists are Taemin,  Mino, Hyolyn, Sunmi, DPR Live, DPR Ian, and Chung Ha.

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