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Seasons of Blossom korean drama review
Seasons of Blossom
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by kidd
nov. 2, 2022
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 3
Globalement 7.5
Histoire 9.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 5.0
Musique 6.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 9.0

"A very sweet, and awefully bitter dream."

The masterpiece of a Webtoon is adapted into a drama. My mind sank :(
It sank at the thought of sadness as I grew attached to the cruel story of an unchangeable past filled with regret and how it latched itself onto the people of the present. But, with a hesitant heart, I watched and was reminded again that as much pain as this story brings me, I love it so much.

In the context of the drama, this is a story that focuses on the past and present stories all at once. It was a story that helped me see suicide and life in a different way. The drama, while slightly behind the webtoon, did beautifully in depicting such an intense and challenging story. I really think this is something everyone should watch. The beauty of the story, the bittersweet journey knowing the ending, and the lesson it leaves for the present and to us as watchers. There were some added plot points that I felt were not needed even though I understood why they were added. It just made the story a bit messy.

The fact that I immediately went back to the Webtoon to bask in it because I was so reluctant to leave it is a testament to the power it held.

The acting, Ha Min and So Mang carried. Maybe it was because their story was so impacting, because the actors made them so real and alive, that the rest of the cast (aside from Sunhee) fell short. The emotional scenes really made it hard for me to concentrate on the present cast's emotions. It felt stiff at times.

If I am going, to be honest, I only know one song from the OST and so the rating is a bit low. If I had my way, I would have given the overall rating a 10 just for the story but :/ alas, here I am. I will listen to the rest one day (today probably) and try to piece together my heart but for now, the OST left little impact.

Now, I will definitely be rewatching this and rereading the Webtoon. Why? Because it is relevant. Because it taught me that while the result was due to other people and many circumstances, it was no one's fault. It propelled me to have the courage to unhesitantly offer a hand to someone in need. It helped me want to remember things in a positive light while being able to move past it and live my own. It was a story that resonated with me. One that made me feel for Ha Min because he was just really, really tired and wanted to rest a bit. It made me feel for So Mang that was so stuck in the past and full of guilt. It made me sad to see Ha min in his brother, Jae Min as he had to deal with being the outlet everyone is rectifying their guilt using. They are all very kind people that couldn't bear to hate the world that was testing them. :(

I hope, no one reading this has to bear with it alone and those that do, grab onto the hand that reaches out to them. I also hope, we all find the courage to offer a hand to someone in need. I hope this story touches you in some way. I hope you read the Webtoon after watching it.

For those who have lost someone, I hope the past liberates you as it did for So Mang in the end.

It is a shame, that Ha Min didn't see himself the same way So Mang saw him. That he shined so brilliantly and was her light. I hope everyone can see this in themselves, or at least believe it for someone in your life probably thinks that way :)

okay, I'm done. This review was just thought vomit and not very organized :/ Needless to say, I LOVED IT! YOU SHOULD ALL WATCH!! One thing though. The letter. I know most want her to read it and a part of me does too, but we know what she was to him and we know how he felt about her. There was nothing in that letter that would change that and so I think it is better left unread.

I could write some meta analysis, but we would be here all day. just give it a shot. don't be that person that comes back 4 years later, regretting the skip.
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