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From USA, Lived in NY(Syosset/Huntington sta. /Oyster Bay) and now live in FL(Delray/Boynton Beach). I love this website as they have worked hard to make this an easy app to use with so much information and connection to the world via the internet. ????

I truly love watching all type of drama and movies.  My first time watching anything foreign with subtitles was in 2016, my niece made me watch "Train to busan" in Korean and i fell in love.  She then gave me her sites to use drama fever & Viki(which i now subscribe to) i then started to watch Korean dramas and was/are totally addicted to them. Then i started to watch Chinese dramas esp wuxia/history/romance i cant get enough of the settings and clothes that go with each drama & theme.  Now i've recently started to add more dramas from Japan, Thailand and Taiwan to my addiction. 

Its funny as i dont remember the last time i watched an American drama/movie as i find them not as exciting, sort of boring and most likely will jump into bed immediately many one nightstand. Where most not all asian dramas take there relationship seriously which can be seen & felt  each episodes and not disrespect there bodies immediately. 

The dramas range from 16 episode 45min-1 hour each.  Some are 40-60 episodes @30min each. Others 6-12 episodes @10-20min each are mostly Idol or BL dramas.  The best part of all is that most of the drama ends with no cliffhanger, and the ones that do is because of a change in the direction of a new or old character. 

I originally didnt do reviews at all especially at 500 words or less (lol) Most of the dramas i watch i give between 8-10  as i really haven't found to many bad ones. I always finish a drama or movie no matter what as sometimes there are missing clues or moments that make you say "WOW" i didnt see that coming. Everyone has a different look and take on a drama that's why we review to give our feedback, but not all are good or bad its up to the mood your in. ??????

PS: I am disabled, so i have a lot of hours to enjoy the over welling amount of dramas that are out there.  

Hope you Enjoy as much as me.  💜😎

Ali  💞


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