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His Man Season 2 korean drama review
His Man Season 2
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by Aaku
juil. 28, 2023
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The sparks and the spices

This dating reality show is so enjoyable. There are sparks but at the same time spices as well. The whole concept of the dating show is interesting especially the phone call to express the feeling part. The phone calls kept me at edge. Like I could never predict who each of the contestant would call. It was interesting and at the same time agonizing especially the phone calls involving the love triangles.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!!

Honestly Seongho and JunSeong are the best part of the show for me. I rooted for them since the very first phone call. "Roommate, hi" was what got me into the show and I fell deeper and deeper episode by episode. I couldn't help but cheer for JunSeong. He was so sure about who he wanted and the way he expressed his feelings in the most sincere way whenever he got the chance to, every second of it was absolutely worth witnessing. On the other hand Seongho was sure about his feelings towards Seonwoo until he wasn't. He wavered ever since the first call from JS. From "friendship 100% love zero" to "Beside JunSeong, others are like friends or colleagues to me", he came a long way. And damn their dates were an absolute delight to see especially the one after call match. The sparks were flying everywhere. They really stole the whole show for me,

Moving on to SeonWoo, I won't lie at first it really felt like he was leading everyone on and I wasn't quite a fan of it but as I watched more of him, he grew on me. And the love triangle of Hyun Joon, Min Sung and Hyun Jin, it was a bit of a mess. For most of the part except Hyun Joon, the other two seemed confused. They were certain one moment and the next moment they were not. It was honestly agonizing to see but I do get it that none of them were actually at fault. However, I liked Min Sung and Hyun Joon together. Their date was cute. But it's commendable how Hyun Joon stood up for himself. Also, Yung Hee damn he was so consistent and his efforts towards SW melted me. And Jeong wook this guy deserves nothing but happiness. He is such a softball mahn. I hope each one of them a happy life. I hope they live it to their best and also find the one they love and who loves them back too.

Overall an enjoyable show that kept me awake one whole night and even after I caught up to the recent episodes I could not stop myself from binge watching it. Highly recommended!!
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