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J'ai Le Béguin pour Toi
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mars 4, 2023
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Holy hell, I made it. I should have quit after episode 1, but here I am. Making all the poor decisions because I was waiting on my other dramas to air… hahaha

First, there are SOOOO many unnecessary story arcs that didn’t need to happen. They literally did NOTHING haha Dr. Ruan’s dad dying, for one. Why did he die? Why did they keep that?Another was the story arc with Dr. Ning’s son. All they had to do was just integrate the birth mom into their lives and write her in as just being a part of the new family dynamic. The entire second trip to Africa was utterly a waste of time, memory cards, and money. The story arc between Dr. Cheng and Dr. Ding was fine if they just left it. But no, they had to also be an on again and off again couple. The fact that a REBEL…A WANTED REBEL is openly out and at a candle light vigil at the hospital where there are governmental soldiers present was ridiculous.

The emotional moment of her waking up and discovering he was no where to be found was meant to invoke deep feelings in the viewer but those died long ago in me along with my patience in all the story plot holes, horrible acting, questionable choices, and this weak ass FL character that basically spends her entire adult life following this man like a little puppy. And it NEVER stops. She gives it a try here and there, but it never lasts and is always half hearted.

The drama should have ended with their second walk down the aisle and maybe a glimpse into an overly sweet and completely predictable future of their lives. But no, they dragged this on for another waaay too many episodes.

Twice, they had the doctors perform life and death surgeries on their own loved ones. Is that not allowed??

Why the HECK did the hospital discharge him without notifying his WIFE?! The reason being because she was so exhausted from the stress, surgery, and worry that she finally passed out and slept for three days?! And then for his family to up and disappear with him without so much as a note or ANY communication is sooooo disrespectful and utterly unforgivable. And THEN no one tells her when he wakes up and has amnesia…LOL wtf?! Just because he couldn’t remember her (his WIFE, mind you), they decided to just cut her out of what happened to him?! And her response was “it’s cool. He’s alive, I’m good” LOL no but seriously, THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID. Yes, I should spoiler that, but I wanted to give you fair warning…THAT is the type of story you are in for if you make poor watching decisions… me ??

The constant back and forth flip flop of past and present was hella annoying. They should have just started from the beginning and ONLY gone back with flashbacks on moments where the character finally realized something they weren’t aware of until that moment. Like when she was told about him looking for the necklace.

He forgot how to be a doctor, watched a few surgeries and then remembered, so the hospital was all cool with it and let him perform medical aid?!

I could go on, but most of my frustrations are due to the fact that I didn’t just let it drop LOL. It was bad from the get go, but I wanted to wait and give it a few more episodes. Then before I knew it, it was too late. I kept hoping it would get better, but it never did. In fact, it got worse. It was as though the writers gave up, realized they had all these episodes left and just started throwing story lines on a wall and they just said “what the heck, we will put it all in!”

Or maybe the writers just didn’t know how to end it and basically just kept writing and the Production kept shooting haha

It’s a mess of a drama. The FL never grows a stronger spine and her entire being revolves around this one man - from start to finish. That part never changes. This is not romantic. This is sad and dangerous for younger women who could fall into the trap that this is how you should love a person. What is acceptable in relationships. What is expected. ?

4/10. Don’t waste your time or your brain cells. Go rewatch something else that you know you will enjoy. You’ll have spent your time in a much wiser fashion.

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La Fleur Interdite
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mars 4, 2023
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Here we go with the 'grooming' tid bit, have you watched the drama or even the clips. SHE CHASES HIM. As for the Summer-winter affair it means a short lived romance hopefully ending well as the summer heat comes into the arsh winter realities. The story is beyond the age factor. For all of you saying 'ick' factor there are many females who never clicked with a younger man. This female character actually decided who her man is and took assertive action to remind him and wake him up to their past and future. He pushed her away several times. I admit there are many cheesy dramas with child-like females but this is not one of them. No deceptive plots no wicked jealous second lead no temper tantrums or getting back at the other person.

Beautiful drama. 10/10

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