Japanese BL/LGBT shows/movies

Japanese shows with mlm relationships. 

Tutorial Lvl: Comedy= Very focused on jokes instead of relationships.

Lvl 1: Manga style= Very over the top acting/anime-reactions. 

Lvl 2: Lowkey manga style= Less over the top acting/anime-reactions

Lvl 3: Realistic/Artsy= Realistic relationship with very little anime-reacting or exaggerated reactions. 

Lvl 4: LGBT mature= LGBT stories that show realistic gay relationships and usually with more mature scenes. 

End Lvl: Yaoi/NSFW means ''Not Safe For Work'' or in other words explicit/not wholesome!!!! Don't watch if sensitive!! Can contain problematic themes.

A white blanket scene is a scene where the MLs just kinda lie down in white blankets with bare chests for the aesthetic. Its typical for older BLs. 

Since pink films (~60 minute movies with explicit content) contain mostly explicit and/or problematic scenes I've decided to give them their own list. 



ファザーレス 父なき時代

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