par Hazel Jung, mai 9, 2023

Kim Eui Sung has been confirmed to star in the Netflix series 'Black Knight,' where he will again showcase his solid presence following SBS's 'Taxi Driver Season 2.'

Scheduled to be released on the 12th, 'Black Knight' depicts a future Korean Peninsula where extreme air pollution makes it impossible to survive without an oxygen respirator. It tells the story of the legendary delivery driver '5-8' and a refugee named 'Sa Wol' as they confront the destiny group that dominates the new world. The series will be available on Netflix.

In 'Black Knight,' Kim Eui Sung appears as a reliable elder named 'Tuktak Halbae.' Tuktak Halbae is an all-around handyman who can fix anything. He serves as the protector of the trio consisting of Sa Wol (played by Kang Yoo Seok), Useless (played by Lee Joo Seung), Mong (played by Jung Eun Sung), and Mongmong (played by Lee Sang Jin), showcasing a friendly yet trustworthy character.

In the recently concluded SBS drama 'Taxi Driver Season 2,' Kim Eui Sung transformed into the guiding force of Rainbow Transportation, taking on various supporting roles. He actively expanded his role by directly jumping into crime scenes to help crime victims, captivating viewers. In 'Black Knight,' he will shed his villainous image and portray a heartwarming adult figure as Sa Wol's reliable support, injecting vitality into the drama.

Meanwhile, 'Black Knight,' where viewers can witness Kim Eui Sung's unique presence, will be exclusively available on Netflix starting May 12th.