par Hazel Jung, septembre 21, 2023

The Netflix original series Doona! is a romantic drama about the story of ordinary college student Won Joon (Yang Se Jong), who meets and falls in love with the retired former K-POP idol Doo Na (Suzy) while living in a shared house.

The teaser poster, featuring dialogues about the relationship between former K-pop idol Doo Na and college student Won Joon, captivates with its vibrant colors. Doo Na playfully asks, "Can't you just say you like someone?" and teases Won Joon with questions like, "So what should we do? Should we date?" Her mysterious and playful demeanor intrigues Won Joon, prompting him to ask, "What are you thinking? I'm so curious." Doo Na and Won Joon grow closer as their feelings develop and share meaningful glances, creating an exciting and heart-fluttering tension.

The teaser trailer, set against the backdrop of a sunny morning, showcases the charming Doo Na, who can't help but draw Won Joon's attention. Doo Na, a former idol in hiding, and Won Joon, a diligent college student focused on his future, live together in a shared house, gradually getting to know each other's daily lives. Doo Na's pure-hearted nature and innocent actions leave Won Joon wondering if she's adorable while he remains oblivious to her true feelings. Director Lee Jeong Hyo carefully explores the process of their relationship, aiming to provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the character's emotions.

Doona! promises to stimulate the romantic senses of viewers worldwide as it depicts the sudden and thrilling emotions of the early 20s. The series is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix on October 20th.