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This time, l thought to make this article as l saw many MDL'er and other watchers who didn't know or couldn't find these dramas seasons or their spin-off. So here l am to help you :D

You Are Whole Heartedly Welcome To My Second Article


Let's Start-

The dramas mentioned here are all Korean Web Series. Before you go any further, l'd like to inform you that if you are strictly avoiding spoilers, then there would be only synopsis of dramas, not main spoiler. As l am also avoiding spoilers, l did write this article in a Spoiler-Avoiding perspective, so if you are interested you can check out the synopsis, or you can skip it too. Please be relaxed cause you clicked on the right link :)

*This article was made in Dark Mode, so l do advise you to view in Dark Mode to read it but it's your wish :) Dramas are linked to their pages, so if you want to check out you can click on their name.

These dramas/spin-offs which l mentioned are verified by my four eyes, last four brain cells, two ears and the things which were around me while l was watching these dramas/spin-offs :)

What is a Spin-Off? According to the remaining brain cells of mine, it is a new independent plot with new characters which are only related by blood or are cousins. Sometimes they know each other already, and other times it happens that they meet each other coincidentally one or more than one time in the drama.

Starting Of  With The First Drama


Starting with the six friends, Do Ha Na (Shin Ye Eun), Kim Ha Na (Lee Na Eun), Yeo Bo Ram (Kim Soo Hyun), Ha Min (Kim Dong Hee), Nam Si Woo (Shin Seung Ho) and Cha Gi Hyun (Ryu Eui Hyun), this drama portrays the character's friendship, teenager life, also each character's hard life. Some have secrets they are hiding from the others. It shows how everything looks easy but is not. Consisting of 24 episodes of 10 mins each, this drama is enjoyable, l hope all of you will enjoy it if you've not watched it yet.

A-Teen 2

Continuation of the first season, this season has two new members, Cha Ah Hyun (Kang Min Ah) and Ryu Joo Ha (Choi Bo Min). This second season starts with little changes of characters, while knowing about their friends life, they also start with their new life, from 19s to their 20s, though this season has bitterness but also some sweetness. So make sure to check this out too. The best thing you will find in this drama is sister-brother relationship, now who is brother and sister, l won't tell you, you should check it out yourselves. This teenage ending journey consists of 20 episodes of 15 mins.


Here comes the spin-off of A-Teen, Twenty-Twenty, the cast and characters are as follows : Chae Da Hee (Han Sung Min), Lee Hyun jin (Kim Woo Seok), Jung Ha jun (Park Sang Nam), Son Bo Hyun (Chan), Baek Ye Eun (Chae Won Bin) and Kang Dae Gaeun (Jin Ho Eun). This drama shows the relationship between mom-daughter, son-father and one of the best friendship. Telling how "they are different from others" and building a strong boundary, capturing all their freedom while keeping them in a kind of "jail" have been portrayed well in this drama. So make sure you watch it, getting all types of experience from sadness and loneliness to happiness and joy. This drama consists of 20 episodes of 26 mins.

 Best Mistake

Now we will continue with our second drama, Best Mistake. It starts with a group of four friends, Ji Hyun Ho (Kang Yul), Seo Joo Ho (Yoon Jun Won), Jung Ji Sung (Choe Chan Yi) and Ryu Seol (Park E Hyun), and two other friends, Kim Yeon Doo (Lee Eun Jae) and Ah Yoo Na (Joo Hyun Young). In this drama you will see different things, especially this drama got this line sticking to them "Don't judge a book by its cover" or "Don't judge a person by it's outer appearance". This drama is solving the misunderstandings and rumors which were spread by others. This Best Mistake takes 15 episodes with 8 mins. So enjoy!!

Let me tell you one thing, I was writing an article on Best Mistake as "Why You Should Watch Best Mistake" but l took a big break in middle of writing that article because of my exams, so yeah, l cancelled it because, you know, my last brain cells couldn't get more ideas and when l got them, it was the middle of the night, when l was going trying  to sleep!?!?!?!?SKSKSKS ;) and l thought that it was also a mess so l cancel it and replace it with this one :D

Rest In Peace my brain cells who keep thinking about oppas (Wait, don't take this seriously my lovely brain cells are in the gym, building them up).....

Best Mistake Season 2

In this season we get three new cast members, Choi Seung Hyun (Lee Jung Joon), Yang Yoo Jin (Yang Yoo Jin) and Kang Ah Hoon (Keum Dong Hyun). This season starts with the arrival of new characters who are adding another savour to the story. Seeing once again their friendship, and the relationship between the leads, will make you feel happy; and who would not love the sibling relationship?  It consists of 16 episodes of 15 mins. 

I didn't watch Best Mistake Season 3 for now, so l didn't include it, but make sure to watch it too! Watching is up to your mind, no forcing here ;))

Be My Boyfriend

Here comes the spin-off of Best Mistake, Be My Boyfriend; the cast of this drama are Lee Seung Min (Shin Hyun Seung), Oh Ji Na (Lee Si Woo), Seong Han Na (Choi Yu Ju), Ku Hyung Tak (Im Sung Kyun), Oh Ba Ul (Kim Byeong Kwan) and Joo Min Ji (Jung Bo Min). This spin-off starts with Lee Seung Min who begins his freshman life with his friend Oh Ba Ul, while Oh Ji Na with her friends Seong Han Na and Joo Min Ji are minding their own peaceful life. Seeing here the friendship of two would definitely make you crack up, while the other three will make you say " Oh My Gosh! Don't You Know I Am Savage" - just kidding. Enjoy the lovable and laughable 1-2hour journey of them, but there will be some ups and downs in friendship which you will watch. It consists of 15 episodes with a 13-minute length  :)

Flower Ever After

Our new squeal starts with two couples and a single like me ; of course l don't want anyone too, l have me, my brain cells and my oppas :D Now on topic, we have two cute couples with their own concepts. Let me introduce them:

1st Couple:

Perfect made for each other, made in Heaven

Our handsome swimmer(ML)

Our cute employee(FL)

2nd Couple:

Trying to know each other better, but the lovely couple

Our innocent (maybe) employee(ML)

  Our sweet baker(FL)

Now let me introduce the characters of this drama: Yoo Hyun Soo (Kang Hoon), Gong Ji Hyo (Ahn Shi Eun), Choi Woong (Jung Gun Joo), Choi Min Chae (Choi Hee Jin) and Han So Young (Lee Ho Jung). This series consists of 10 episodes with a length of 15 mins, so l hope you would enjoy this small journey of love and understanding each other :)

The Best Ending

Our squeal continues with the story of the main couples, "some moved on and some maybe not...". This drama tells the story of our couples who moved on with their lives, but one couple still have fights and misunderstandings. The other couple does live very happily. Now we could just hope they understand each other and live their life happily like we want, and have a happy ending :) 

Let me introduce the characters with whom we will smile, cry or be sad, Go Min Chae (Choi Hee Jin), Choi Woong (Jung Gun Joo) and some supporting characters Oh Ji Hye (Park Se Hyun), Hyeok (Choi Kyung Hoon), Go Min Chang (Kim Min Jong) and Lee Sang Joon (Jeong Joon Hwa). This 8 episode drama of 12 mins each will decide if we will have a happy or sad ending.

Ending Again

We reached our last spin-off, Ending Again (the title goes with the vibe). Aesthetics lovers, this may be just your thing, as this drama contains some painting :) It's starting with our female lead being an employee - not like me, yes, l am a student.

Now we saw drama like Legally, Dad and Perfect and Casual, and what's in common? Contract relationship! Yes, we have this drama in our Contract world, but now it's to your guessing, cause I won't spoil from here. You can guess if, in the poster, they are his brother, ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, grand-pa or grand-mom or grandson, it's all up to your mind, you are free to guess whatever you want :)

Now let me introduce the cast and characters : Chan In Young (Jo Soo Min), Do Yoon Soo (Kim Geon Won), Yoo Chan Hee (Kang Hui), So Hye Go (Kim Seo An) and Go Min Chang (Kim Min Jong). So enjoy these 12 episodes of 15 mins of romance, Do Yoon Soo and contract relantionship :)

Just-Noticed-Things Corner

Now it's not obvious what l am meaning here so let me clear it. It's just what l noticed in dramas and felt they were related, but it's not definite whether it's true or not. Maybe it's made by different writers but it's just what l think. Just a free warning if you haven't watched Twenty-Twenty, XX, Where Your Eyes Linger and To My Star :  read at your own risks.



Now let's start with our first what-l-noticed dramas, Twenty-Twenty and XX. Do y'all remember Jayden and in XX his other name was Wang Jung Deun? He was a perfumist in both dramas. In XX, he was a support lead while being Nana's friend and a perfumist, and in Twenty-Twenty, he appeared when Lee Hyun Jin wanted to buy perfume for Chae Da Hee, he went to Jayden's shop with his friend So Bo-hyun. So that's why it's just had me saying that these two dramas were related ;)

Where Your Eyes Linger

To My Star

Now the second and the last one, Where Your Eyes Linger and To My Star, with Kim Phil Hyun: his name was the same in both dramas but that's not my point. I just had this thought that his life continued from Where Your Eyes Linger to To My Star, he was a student in Where Your Eyes Linger and became CEO in To My Star. This line caught my eyes when he said "No one ever listens to me" (maybe it's not the exact same line he said but he meant it) in Where Your Eyes Linger and in To My Star, because Kang Seo Joon never listens to him (Kang Seo Joon was not in both dramas, he was just in To My Star). So that's why l thought they were related ;)

Yep, just little fangirling, if you know me you would understand, but anyway just let me appreciate this piece of artwork after so much hard work. You can join me too :)

Now we are done but we have to give credit to the owner for making my article colourful. All the images of dramas were taken from Viki, except for Flower Ever After, which was taken from Mydramalist's photo's section. Here are the following links to the source of images and gifs:

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