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KC: Hello MDL'er!! Hope y'all were doing well like me :) I hope you got some idea with the title, if am then l am always here for you. This article is hopefully informal because l hate formal ;) It will be about my journey in dramaland with our new user who joined our family :D 

Major note:

The article contains spoilers of dramas.
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Let's Begin:

Now introducing article was enough so let me kindly introduce myself and our new member 

KC: So let's start with my introduction, Hello! maybe you would know me by feeds or by my articles or maybe we talked on DMs. I am KC Drama LOVER, l enter this huge Dramaworld with mysteries, love, sadness, crime thanks to Youtube ads, I am happy with the ads first time, cause that is why l am here. My Girlfriend Is an Alien drama ads came again and again so l was interested and started it :D

Now it's time to introduce our new member of (Ar)tartica Burcu, WELCOME!!

Burcu:First of all Thanks a lot to KC Drama Lover for giving me such a warm welcome

Burcu: Hello! I'm Burcu, many of you may not know me as I'm not that active in the feeds and I also don't talk to much people through DMs. But I have co written few articles. It's my third year on MDL and one of my new year's resolution is being more active on MDL and exploring as many dramas as I can. :D) I have been watching dramas since I was 3 years old. I grew up watching American sitcoms, Turkish and Indian dramas. I learned Hindi by watching Indian dramas with my neighbor aunt. But I never thought of watching a drama with English subtitles until 2019. My First drama was My Little Princess. But I think the real journey started with a Thai Drama Tra Barb See Chompoo. I love listening to songs and that's how my drama journey started through a  FMV of Tra Barb See Chompoo on YouTube.

KC: Okay! So now l know that Burcu watches Indian Dramas too, I too watched Dramas while my mom watches it, this thing continues now too, although l am not that fan of Indian ones. l just watched special shows maybe y'all know what l am talking about, of course, l was talking about Shinchan and Doraemon XD

Burcu: Lol now it's been like 2 years that I stopped watching Indian Dramas because Thai and Chinese dramas are more enjoyable. But I didn't stop watching Shinchan and not will even if I turn 80. Haha

KCOhh, that's true! We can't deny that dramas are so much attractive like Park Soju. Well you took my line-

BEGINNERS: Beginning (Genres, Tags)

I Followed The Light In The Dark.....(Introduction In Dramas/Movies)

KC: Now as what l saw till now with my eyes, everything was fascinating in it's own way. Although some were fantasy or sci-fi but their stories were different and new in their own world. We can't deny that we were not shocked by their cinematography in dramas like Alchemy of Souls (two seasons) to Seobok and #Alive and many others like Fabricated City, Space Sweepers and Escape from Mogadishu which made us amazed by not just plot but also the visuals and l don't think so anyone can deny that.

Burcu would you like to tell some of your favorite movies or dramas which made you think what type of brain does the writer have?

Burcu: My journey was also fascinating. The first year was magical. One thing that also attracts me to one drama or movie is cinematography. The amazing visuals which would make me feel wow. When I first started watching I Told Sunset About You after few minutes I had dropped it as I couldn't feel myself connected with this at that moment but after few days I saw a gif on a MDL'er page and asked from which drama it was. After I knew that the gif was from the drama I Told Sunset About You I started watching this again. And at that time I was in love with the drama. It was the cinematography which made me attractive to I told Sunset About You. I haven't seen many Korean dramas so I can't comment about their cinematography that much but from the ones I have seen I would say they are amazing too. But I'm also in  love with the cinematography of Never Let Me Go, KinnPorsche, My Forever Sunshine, Blueming, Mood of the Day and I Promised You the Moon. Gosh most of them are BL.

The answer to your question is Flower of Evil, The Gifted and Train to Busan.

KC:  I do agree with you I loved I Told Sunset About You, this is really underrated to say but I loved this drama's name.

Like Today, A White Star Came Down Into My Heart (Rom-Com,Youth)

KC: Now let's talk about our steps. Most of us can't hide that we started dramas (our first step) which were Rom-Com. l said MOST not EVERY lol, l know some "That's suspicious, That's criminal" people are here who are interested in Mystery, Thriller or Based On True Stories. I too have my sister who is like that, she didn't start like that but now is more interested in these genre. Now back to me, l did start with Rom-Com and also till now, l don't think if l re-watch it again l would be bored 'cause it's still funny, good and memorable to me. I still can't forget my memory of My Girlfriend is an Alien, Put Your Head on My Shoulder, Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me/Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me Season 2  dramas.

So now we have reached to the interesting part, l watch Korean or Chinese dramas and some of other countries, but my new friend is total opposite so l am very much interested to know about the first step Burcu took here :)

Burcu: You are right that that most of us took the first step here with Rom-com dramas including me. But now I'm more into Thriller dramas and it's really not good for me as I wanted to be a serial killer in my childhood. Now back to the main topic, it's the same for everyone: we can't forget the memories of our first drama. My first drama was My Little Princess and it was weird af. 

Yes we have totally different kinds of drama preferences. At the beginning of 2020 I had sworn that I would never watch any Korean drama but guess what, I broke it in December lol. I have watched some Korean dramas. I'm trying to watch more. But with Chinese dramas I don't have much patience. I have watched very few Chinese dramas 'cause they are really long so at some point I end up dropping them. So I'm more interested in Thai dramas. They are more than perfect for me. What I feel like rewatching is SOTUS, Hormones, Lovely Writer, Secret Seven, Fish Upon the Sky, Addicted Heroin, My Dear Loser: Happy Ever After and To My Star. Most of them are BL. But I also would recommend these dramas to my new friend KC Drama LOVER.

KC: I did watch To My Star, it was my first drama of that genre. Thank you Burcu for your recommendation :D but about... Addicted Heroin which l did want to watch: l saw a post that is making me want to find a way out, but still trying won't harm me in anyway, right? When l first started watching dramas, not most, but all of them were Chinese dramas. I saw many people watching Korean dramas and l was like: "why is it like that?" But now l know why it is like that 'cause l am also now one of those"people"-

Was This All Supposed To Be Our Destiny...? (Tearjerkers)

KC: I am an emotional person, l cry very much depending upon scenes like when a character cries or unfortunately dies, but l have an exception like chemistry, l don't cry for/in front of snakes, my hormones know well difference between human and snakes. Everyone can't hide that they cry when there is an emotional scene, maybe it's because it is relatable and maybe not, maybe it could be happy tears or maybe it's just unbearable to watch, so it's just hard for me to control.

l wanted to mention some of the dramas/movie that really needs attention cause they deserve it (there are many but l will just mention some :P) so here we go Better Days, Unforgettable, Ashfall and Cry Me a Sad River.

Burcu is there any movie or drama which really made your lacrimal gland dry out.....?

Burcu: I was an emotional person too. Whenever one of my favorite character or my favorite dramas ended I used to cry a lot. But as we grow up our emotions change, right? Now instead of crying for dramas I cry about my studies. So now I don't cry that easily but that doesn't mean Thai dramas don't make me cry. I feel bad whenever the main characters feel bad.

I would like to mention a few movies Train to Busan, Hope, Your Name Engraved Herein and 20th Century Girl.  All these movies made me cry until my nose starting running.

BEGINNERS: Swiping (Recommending Each Other)

KC: I said no formal, l don't know why l said that for some moment but whatever. We came to a really interesting part and thanks to Burcu for this. l did watch some Thai and Japanese dramas but just a few. So now l and Burcu will exchange 1 drama with each other and watch and share opinions after watching it, so should we start?

Burcu: Well before giving you recommendations I checked your whole watch list and figured out that you have watched just 3 Thai dramas and all of them are BL. So, you and I have really different tastes and if I recommend you my favourite lakorns you might not be comfortable, as watching dramas from someone else's recommendation isn't an easy job. So I will recommend you a Thai Rom-Com drama.

Pi (Phuwin Tangsakyuen) has a crush on one of the hottest students in the Allied Health Sciences Department but since he is not confident enough about his looks, he is helpless. At least until Duean (Neo Trai Nimtawat) and his friends help him get a makeover to boost his confidence. When Pi finally has the guts to approach his crush, he meets his love rival, Mork (Pond Naravit Lertratkosum). Pi tries to surpass Mork in everything to get the attention of Nan but he is not lucky enough to beat him. However, everything changes as Pi starts to feel a different set of feelings towards Mork, making things more complicated.
I'm giving you this drama because of a special reason. I loved this drama a lot and on MDL I have seen a lot of people say that this drama is below average. Well, it's okay to have different opinions but nobody could deny the fact that this drama is hilarious. It really is! So I would like to know how you will feel after watching this drama.

KC: It sounds interesting, not the explanation but title. Sorry, l don't like to read synopsis so l usually skip it. But l will like to try new dramas, so I'm just waiting to start it, as now l am watching A Business Proposal, so l will start after this one. 

Now it's my time, to be honest, seriously, l am confused between Imitation and Mr. Queen, l thought l can give you two but it's okay now that you gave one so l will also go with one.

King Cheol Jong , he is so in name only. The late King Sunjo’s Queen, Sun Won, has taken advantage of King Cheol Jong’s better nature, and is ruling the realm in his name.

And she faces competition from her own brother, Kim Jwa Guen, who also has designs on power.  Queen Kim So Yong will come to discover that her husband harbours some secrets, and is not as gentle and meek as he seems… 

I know what l wrote looks kind of incomplete, l just copied-pasted from the synopsis and deleted some parts l thought shouldn't be included because it looked spoiler to me ;) Burcu gave me comedy as recommendation so l gave the same to her. It's not just comedy but a package for all alone watcher ;)

Burcu: I have heard a lot about this drama in 2021. It was the talk of the town at that time. I know it's funny cause everyone says that. If you hadn't given me this drama as a challenge I would never watch this drama because of two reasons. First, it's a Korean drama, and second it's a time travel historical drama. And I'm really not into these two things. So it's gonna be a hate watch. So let's see if it can be turned into a drama that I would like a lot after completing it.

BEGINNERS: Heart To Heart With Dramas (Review)

Fish Upon the Sky: You Are Fish Upon The Sky for me too.

KC: This drama is a small roller coaster of emotions. The previews are like Fill In The Blanks and and the episodes will help to fill in the blanks. I liked this drama, it was like kind of different small, sweet and funny. Not to talk about the Brother-Brother relationship, it looks like heaven made masterpiece, and don't talk to me if you have to talk about the Kitty Gang, that group was just like -I don't know, the Gangnam sir lol. If we put some of the negative sides behind, like the stalker fandom thing and that shipping idiots (like I hate them) thing, this was overall a good, short and sweet drama to watch if you want to take a time after The Penthouse : War in Life or Squid Game or any like bloody dramas. Watch it on YT because it will be more enjoying to read the comments after completing each episodes, because the commenters are hella funny.

Burcu: First of all thank you for noticing the comments thing. I mean I never saw anyone in MDL appreciating GMM TV's BL dramas comment section. In fact, I watch GMM TV's BL dramas just for their comment section. Actually, I read the comments first before watching every part. I know it gives me a lot of spoilers but I just can't resist. This drama wasn't really like you know 10 out of 10. But it had its own charm. The relationship between Duean and Pi was realistic, nothing fantasy or how they show in movies. I was dying to see their older brother and I loved the fact they showed him. I love everything about this drama. I watched this while it was airing, and I and all my online friends were pretending not to know who was actually Pi's secret friend. I had a good time watching this drama and I'm glad to know you liked it too. 

 Mr. Queen: A Wedding Is Basically A Funeral

Burcu: I clearly remember the day when you had given this drama for our challenge. After seeing that you gave me Mr. Queen out of all the dramas, I was scared as it was a historical drama. I have grown up watching historical dramas like Mahabharat, Magnificent Century, and Dirilis Ertugrul. I was so emotionally attached to these dramas that I used to pull my own hair during the climax scenes. I remember my childhood while watching this drama. I watched this drama for a long period as I had exams in between. I really like how everything was on the first half. My reaction was like "oh, ohh, ohhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh without a doubt this drama is really funny". Like how funny Courtlady and Royal Chef's love story was! And The World of the Married  reference  just like F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers reference in Fish Upon the Sky. Not to mention, Shin Hye Sun's performance as Jang Bong is top-notch. She did not only steal the show, she is the show. Perhaps, the only thing that makes me disappointed was that important part, the ending. They failed to stick the proper landing :'( I think it's unfair for So Young to reap gains from all Bong Hwan's efforts. She would never have her happy ending if it was not because of him. And Cheoljong falls in love with Bong Hwan not with  So Young. Cheoljong didn't love So Young's face but Bong Hwan's personality. And Bong Hwan also loved Cheoljong. That's when the drama starts to lose its sparks. AT THE VERY LAST EPISODE :')

KC: For me too. First, I was not ready to watch the historical genre but then I ask MDL'ers which should be my first historical drama, and they voted for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and that's how my historical journey began. It was fun to watch those beautiful costumes, the plots and to connect who is who's brother or sister blah blah blah, and to understand what was going on etc. About Hye's acting, I agree with you. The ending for me was actually good. About your point, first the So Young soul's replacement in the last, I thought in some way Hwan was trying to help So Young, as in the end he was happy about how everything ended. Which means that even though he didn't think of So Young but just Cheoljong, he did make someone happy. And I do think Cheoljong will love So Young in the very end for some reason. In starting he just didn't gave her time and thought of her as an enemy, which was the negative side of this whole thing, or just think why Hwan would meet So Young when she fell in the lake. It was like Hwan helping So Young without both of them knowing it, and at last it succeeded. I am happy that you liked it even though it was your first time.


KC: I won't lie (wait their isn't anything to lie about), but l was totally, I mean T-O-T-A-L-L-Y different from who l am now, when l didn't watch Kdramas nor didn't listen to Kpop. My taste (*coughs* don't talk about that just skip it cause it was worst, just leaving some song (it comes in counting) all were so weird and not good, l don't know why l liked it. My English, don't talk about that too, it became just good after reading subtitles,  or it was like me speaking some words I picked from trash, so yeah.. .yeah *blanks*. My personality literally changed and l like what my personality is now. 

Please Ignore the watermark, I don't know how to edit things, it's so embarrassing

Burcu: Well KC, I don't know about others, but trust me, I love the fact that you exist in Dramaland and MDL. And for sure we all love your personality :D)

When I first started watching dramas, I didn't think that I would be addicted to them so much. I watched one drama after another all day long, so much that it affected my studies a little bit.

It was like that at first, but since last year I'm more focused on my studies so that watching dramas won't affect my academic life.

Thanks to dramaland I lost my innocence, got scolded by my mom way more, had dark circles. But dramaland has made a special place in my heart, which made me happy, sad, shocked, thrilled, gave me second hand embarrassment and scared. Made me cry a ton and sometimes l couldn't stop laughing until my stomach starts hurting. I felt butterflies in my stomach. While watching some dramas I was just smiling without any realization. But the most frustrating thing is that even though I spent so much time watching dramas, I really haven't watched that many dramas. I really felt jealous of how people manage their time routine properly and have watched more dramas than me, even though they started watching dramas after me and also gets a good result in their exams. Do their days last more than 24 hours? Although I'm not the old Burcu that my family used to like more, I got inspiration from these dramas and tried to be a better person. This new world is as thrilling as my old world. 

KC: I never heard about that, it felt so good when l read it, Thank you for the compliment :) You too, are fun to talk too, I love to hear your experiences, it's so fun to know your journey, I don't know why lol. To be honest l really can't get my memories of me without dramas or listening to songs. Now, tell me if we have even one single watcher or MDL'er being innocent, we all are crackheads and stupid, if not all. l am 100% sure l am a crackhead and depressed person, my mood swings way more faster than characters turning into zombies in All Of Us Are Dead.

For me it's not about time, my side as a watcher is just: start a drama, complete it or start another one before completing it, and then watch that, and start another one before completing this last one, but if in between I crave to continue the previous drama, watch it and finish it. Now if you want an example, I had watched  all the episodes of A Business Proposal, just the last ep's half is remaining, but l am still not finishing it but instead I'm re-watching Goblin ;)Burcu: My drama watching habit was like that too. When I first started watching BL dramas, I used to rewatch that one particular BL drama for weeks before moving to another one. But even before that I would randomly pick any drama to watch, and after watching a few dramas I would be back to my comfort dramas. I liked to rewatch my comfort dramas a lot. As I don't have NDD (Never Drop Disease), it's easier for me to move to another one real quick. Cause it's always comfort before quality for me.

KC: As I have NDD diagnosed, I don't drop but I do usually put my dramas for a long time hibernation ;) and even if I keep my excuse of NDD aside, I am really, like really, interested to know what will happen in the drama.

BEGINNERS: Imagine If.....(Our Dream Drama)

KCWell, I am sad we reach to the end but it was still fun to talk about our totally opposite experiences. Now like I say, if it's me who is writing the article, there should be some spice here. In dramaland, there is only one spice which exists, it is OUR DREAM DRAMA! I am not kidding but I am just waiting for Burcu's drama because of the difference between our taste, the plot we watch and so on. So I will just wait with my H2O to read it.

Burcu: Yeah after a long journey we finally came to the end. You and I only had one drama in common in our watch list.

KC's Dream Drama :)

There were several plots but I choose this because it was a short one.

My Roommate Is A Serial Killer?

The Main

Lee Jae Wook


Kim So Hyun



Oh Na Ra

Owner Of The Place

(Not all owner are sexy ajummas. Some are sexy ladies too :-))

Choi Byung Chan

Ae-ri's Friend

Jeon Yeo Been

Female Detective/Jae's Partner

Ae-ri decided to buy an apartment near her job place as it was trouble for her to travel from here to there. As she found an apartment, she was notified earlier by the owner that she had an roommate. The owner didn't have much info about the guy, just that he was in his 20s and that he talked well with her whenever they meet and was trustworthy. He was okay with having a roommate as most of the time he wasn't at home. 

So after settling in her new apartment everything was going well, until one night she saw her roommate going out while putting a knife in his pocket. As soon as she saw that, she ran to the room and woke up. It was way too confusing for her, as when she woke up she couldn't differentiate if it was dream or reality. After that night, she had more encounter than usual with that guy and finally asked him about his name. He replied "It's Kun". After struggling to sleep at night, she decided to talk to her friend and he suggested her to talk to the "police" who lives in her neighborhood (he was the one who suggested her the apartment so he knows the neighborhood). After visiting the female police that the friend suggested, she got to know the reality......[Want To Know The Truth?]

As her roommate also entered the room where both she and police were, Ae-ri was shocked to see him and panicked while the police said: "What did you do to scare your roommate?" Ae-ri said, "He is a killer!" in a panic mood and then realize what the police said.  The whole place was awkward until Jae (Kun was his hidden identity) said, "What?" and Ae-ri then narrated the whole situation and how she misunderstood, and she found out that both the police and Jae were detectives who were finding the drug supplier who ran from the prison. Jae and his partner were living there with their hidden identity, somehow Ae-ri's friend (Chan) heard the female detective talking about some criminal case and thought she was a police. On that night (knife incident) Jae was heading to the gambling place where he heard the drug supplier was seen last time.

KC: See that's everything ! Please don't judge lol (I know the last part kind of doesn't make sense), because it's kind of different from what I made in my mind (the plot). There are many more interesting plots than this I made in my mind, but I won't write it because it's one of my future webtoon story ;). And just for your relief, there is no SLS, please leave Chan alone. And there is romance in this one, I don't like full crime :/ 

Burcu's Dream Drama

I actually have bunch of ideas in my mind. I mean every drama lover has their own dream drama with their perfect cast and story, and so do I.

Once Loved

Image Source: 123456

What first love means to you? For Tantawan (Mai Davika Hoorne) it's just one word: Nisa (Yaya Urassaya Sperbund) that she can't forget ever. Tantawan (Aum Patcharapa Chaichua) is now 40 years old and she is still single. Her family tries to set up her with someone many times but Tantawan manages to escape every time. Tantawan can't forget her first love yet. Tantawan is living her life normally until her boss decides to give his business to his spoiled son Kim (Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree), and now Tantawan has to take care of him and teach him everything about business. Everything becomes chaotic in Tantawan's life. It gets messier when Kim shows interest in Tantawan and starts flirting with her. But one day Tantawan gets into an accident and time travels to her high school days. Now Tantawan wanna change the past.

 Burcu: Tantawan and Nisa are friends for one decade. Tantawan likes Nisa but she is afraid to get rejected. On the last day of high school she decides to confess her feelings to Nisa. But before she could do it Nisa gets into an accident and goes in coma. Nisa is still in coma and that's why Tantawan is single even in her 40's. Tantawan wanna change the past. She time travels into her younger body but with her older soul in the first year of her high school life. This time Tantawan isn't afraid of anything. With a second chance Tantawan lives her life to the fullest, and after 2 years, on the last day of her high school life she could save Nisa from the accident, but before she could confess her feelings, she time travels with her body to the present again. Tantawan is lying in the bed and someone knocks on her door. Tantawan thinks her younger self did confess her feelings, but after opening the door she meets Kim. In the afternoon Tantawan goes to the hospital but there is no patient named Nisa who is in coma. Tantawan starts to search for Nisa and she could meet her again in their new house. The last episode scene would be younger Tantawan proposing to Nisa and the end.

Burcu: I know it all kinda sounds messy but I feel like it's gonna be good. I don't want anything heavy. I want something with fantasy. Being honest I always avoid GL themed dramas but Davikah and Yaya as a couple would be something I really wanna watch.

Forever Today

Image Source: 123 

Shuang (Dilraba Dilmurat) who was born with god-gifted talent now can't remember anything more than 10 seconds. Due to an accident which caused her a rare kind of amnesia, she has lost her memories. Her memory got stuck in her high school days. But she still couldn't forget one name. She wants to confess her love to Han (Cheng Yi) her home tutor. Why did he suddenly disappear from her life? 

Burcu: This is gonna be the Chinese remake of Chirokal Aaj. I watched this drama last year and everything was... I actually don't have words. My Asian friend made me watch this drama. I wish they had put English subtitles so you guys could watch the drama too. I choose Dilraba cause I wanted someone who is a popular actress and can justify the role of playing a teenager. And after seeing her in You Are My Glory I was amazed by her student outfit looks cause she looked really like a high school student. And I choose Cheng Yi cause I wanted someone who is good at playing a sad role and especially at crying. And I really want to see Dilraba-Cheng Yi pairing. And I want this to be a Chinese drama cause Chinese dramas always explain everything in detail. The original one was just 1-hour drama so I wanted this to have a Chinese remake cause they would show the backstory and other stuff.

Story of the original drama: The female lead is a high school student who secretly loves her home tutor. The female lead's mother really loves her but she is afraid to confess her feelings. On her final year exam's result she decides to confess her feelings to the male lead (home tutor). The male lead accepts her feelings too and they secretly date for a few years. They decide to tell the female lead parents about their relationship once the male lead arranged his life. Their parents also accept their relationship and prepare for their wedding. One night the female lead gets into a car accident and gets a rare kind of amnesia. She has forgotten everything about her adult life. She only remembers her high school life. As she can't remember anything more than 10 seconds she used to ask the same question multiple times. Day by day she becomes violent. The male lead gets tired of everything and leaves the female lead as he got a job offer from aboard. 

Don't read the spoiler of the story and tell me what you think the real twist is in the comment section. 

Spoiler of the original drama: Actually the male lead didn't leave the female lead. One day he was late to the female lead house and she became violent as he was late. She kept telling her mom that she loves him again and again. Then suddenly she was about to hit her mom, but while saving her mom the female lead accidentally hit the male lead in the head and he died in a few seconds. The female lead didn't know that she hit him as 10 second passed she forgot everything. In order to save the female lead her parents made up the story that the male lead left their daughter because of this amnesia, but in fact he had turn off his abroad job offer so that he can be with her.

The Deceiving Heartbeat

Image Source: 12345

Synopsis: Every day was like a dream for Nine (Tay Tawan Vihokratana), Nychaa (Kao Supassara Thanachart) and Nueng (Lennon Sun) until the day Ren (Dew Jirawat Sutivanichsak) entered their life. From childhood sweethearts to married couple, Nine and Nychaa were living their happy-ever-after life with their son Nueng until Nine found out that Nychaa is having an affair with her student. After finding this shocking truth their life isn't the same. Nine can't believe that Nychaa betrayed him. He decides to take revenge at any cost.

Burcu: I don't know why but I'm not able to put my exact thoughts into words for this one. I thought something like that: Kao was a rich spoiled kid who is also a playgirl. Then she meets Tay who comes from a middle class family. Tay is kind but smart. He won't let anyone do injustice to him. He can be bad when he wants to be. Kao falls in love with him because of his personality. And unintentionally Kao gets pregnant. Kao's family doesn't accept their marriage as Tay is from a poor family. After graduation Tay becomes a rich lawyer. And the three of them are living happily. Kao meets Dew at university, he is just like as she was in her student life. At first they would fight a lot. But as time passes they would enjoy their company. Dew would feel like they belong to each other. Dew wants Kao to be only his so he hurts Tay. But Kao still loves Tay. Well a lot of things happen, at last Tay and Kao will end up together. By the way I thought of the Kao-Dew couple before their drama Faceless Love was announced. Like seriously how could they steal my dream couple? (⁠个⁠_⁠个⁠)

The 9th life of Cursed Queen 

1st Life

Image Source 1, 2, 3
The King of Goryeo dynasty of Korea was killed. The 9 year old Prince Jae Uk (Lee Jae Wook) had to take over the country but as he was very young he couldn't rule the country until he became adult. Jae Uk's mother Queen Yoon Na was killed by the late king's mistress Eun Hye. But before she died she made the official announcement of Jae Uk and Ha Jin's marriage.

Ha Jin (Moon Chae Won) was the illegitimate daughter of late king's step sister Princess Hyun Jin. Princess Hyun Jin later was married to a noble man but she died when her daughter Ha Jin was 9 years old. As Ha Jin was an illigimate child she had to live the life in the place like a servant, but Queen Yoon Na protected her and treated Ha Jin like her own daughter. Slowly people in the place and outside saw that Ha Jin was also a kind person just like her parents.

So after the King's death, Jae Queen Yoon Na knew that she wouldn't be able to survive many days, and as Jae Uk was the only Prince, people wouldn't hurt him. But once they get another Prince through Jae Uk they would kill him. And there was only one person that she could trust Jae Uk with. So she decided to make Ha Jin her daughter-in-law. Ha Jin was just like her mother. She knew sword fight and was one of the strongest warrior of Goryeo dynasty. After their marriage, Jae Uk was sent in a secret place for the training. 

After 9 years Prince Jae Uk returned to the place and had his enthronement. After the enthronement King Jae Uk was pressured to produce a successor to the throne, but he saw Ha Jin as his big sister. Eun Hye took advantage of this thing and sent Hae Soo (Han So Hee) to Jae Uk. But Hae Soo couldn't get pregnant because she was a witch like Eun Hye, and that's why Eun Hye didn't have any child with the late King. Jae Uk knew that his mother death wasn't normal. Eun Hye also knew that Jae Uk would take revenge on her and that's why she brought Hae Soo to replace herself in the kingdom. 

Eun Hye diverted the truth to Ha Jin. Jae Uk started to be physical with Ha Jin in order to find out the truth. Hae Soo wasn't fully witch yet and she wasn't as evil as Eun Hye but she got jealous when Jae Uk spent the night with Ha Jin. The witch had the power to curse someone once in their life but if they did so they would go to hell. Eun Hye had cursed Hyun Jin that she wouldn't be able to live with her child out of jealousy. Hae Soo also cursed Ha Jin that she wouldn't be able to live with the one she loved until that person loved her first. 

Ha Jin gradually fell in love with Jae Uk and got pregnant. She decided to tell Jae Uk about her pregnancy on Jae Uk's birthday. Jae Uk found a lot of evidence that proved that Ha Jin killed Queen Yoon Na. Jae Uk decided to take revenge from Ha Jin by killing her. On Jae Uk's birthday, Ha Jin went to tell Jae Uk about her pregnancy. But before she could say anything, Jae Uk stabbed her. At that moment Eun Hye's maid who was loyal to Queen Yoon Na, Princess Hyun Jin and Ha Jin came to stop Jae Uk but it was too late. She told Jae Uk the truth about Eun Hye, Ha Jin and his marriage and Ha Jin's pregnancy. Jae Uk regretted stabbing Ha Jin. But Ha Jin couldn't survive. 

Jae Uk decided to kill Eun Hye but Eun Hye killed Jae Uk at the end after a lot of fight. Seeing this, Hae Soo killed Eun Hye. Jae Uk regretted killing Ha Jin and their child. Hae Soo became the most powerful witch after killing Eun Hye. 

Support Roles

2nd Life 

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In the second life, Jae Uk (Rowoon) would be born as a prince again, Ha Jin (Park Shin Hye) as a dancer and Hae Soo (Park Ju Hyun) as the daughter of a Minister. In 2nd life, Ha Jin would remember everything from her past life at the age of 27 except for her death. She would try to explain everything to Jae Uk too but he would just remember his childhood. Ha Jin would be sentenced to death because she would be framed as an assassin. 

3rd Life

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In the 3rd life Jae Uk (Ahn Hyo Seop) would be a king and Hae Soo (Go Youn Jung) would be his girlfriend. Ha Jin (Park Min Young) would be a noble man's daughter. Ha Jin would remember everything from the past life except for her pregnancy. Ha Jin would again fall in love with Jae Uk, but they wouldn't be together as Jae Uk wouldn't remember anything about her. Jae Uk would remember his childhood days and his father's death. Ha Jin wouldn't marry anyone as she would wait for Jae Uk until her last breath. 

4th Life

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Jae Uk (Nam Joo Hyuk) as a prince, Ha Jin (Jun Ji Hyun) as a soldier and Hae Soo (Shin Ye Eun) as a concubine. Things would be the same as their previous life. Ha Jin would remember Jae Uk but Jae Uk wouldn't. Ha Jin would die in a fight. 

5th Life

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Jae Uk (Kim Young Dae) as a king, Ha Jin (Han Hyo Joo) as a Minister's wife and Hae Soo (Jo Soo Min) as Ha Jin's husband's sister. Ha Jin would only remember childhood Jae Uk. 

6th Life

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Jae Uk (Cha Eun Woo) as a prince again and he would remember that Ha Jin (Son Ye Jin) killed his mother. So he would decide to kill Ha Jin. Ha Jin would be a writer. And Hae Soo (Kim Yoo Jung) as Jae Uk's step cousin. Jae Uk would torture Ha Jin. Ha Jin would commit suicide.

7th Life

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Jae Uk (Song Kang) as a modern world Prince. He would remember Ha Jin (Song Hye Kyo) as a good person. He would remember he did something bad to her but he wouldn't remember her death. In this life Ha Jin would be a politician. Hae Soo (Moon Ga Young) as a rich man's daughter. As Jae Uk wouldn't love Ha Jin they wouldn't end up together. 

8th Life

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In this life, Jae Uk (Oh Se Hun) as a rich man, Ha Jin (Shin Min Ah) as a teacher and Hae Soo (Kim Ji In) as a student of Ha Jin. Ha Jin would only remember her mother and Jae Uk's mother from the past life. Jae Uk would remember everything except for their death. Ha Jin would fall in love with Jae Uk but Hae Soo would separate them again.  

9th Life

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In the last life Jae Uk would remember everything from the beginning but Ha Jin would have forgotten everything. But in this life Jae Uk wouldn't be able to find Ha Jin from the beginning. Until one day he finds out that Ha Jin is his mother's business partner. After graduation Jae Uk joins Ha Jin's company as her secretary. Slowly Jae Uk becomes close with Ha Jin. Ha Jin would also fall in love with Jae Uk but she wouldn't remember anything from her past life. The curse would be broken too.  

Burcu: Well this is the drama I definitely want to happen. I mean the cast makes it more exciting for me. What would happen through the last 8 lives is Jae Uk would remember Ha Jin slowly and Ha Jin would forget Jae Uk. And they aren't real cousin cause Jae Uk's father and Ha Jin's mother aren't related by blood. I personally think that Lee Jae Wook, Moon Chae Won and Han So Hee would look great together.

BEGINNERS: Conclusion (The Real End)

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