par Hazel Jung, juillet 4, 2023

On July 4th, Disney+ unveiled stills of Ryu Seung Beom in the role of Frank, a mysterious delivery driver, in Moving. The series depicts the story of children with hidden superpowers living in the present and parents who have concealed painful secrets from their past, creating a human action series.

Ryu Seung Beom expressed his anticipation to meet viewers through Disney+'s original series, Moving. This project is even more special for Ryu Seung Beom because it marks his return to dramas after approximately 20 years since the 2004 drama Rays of Sunshine.

Furthermore, Ryu Seung Beom will portray a new character not found in the original source material, promising to bring more excitement beyond the original story. He takes on the role of Frank, a mysterious delivery driver who pursues and threatens hidden superpowered individuals in South Korea.

Though Frank's true identity is still veiled, the fact that Ryu Seung Beom has taken on this role has already heightened expectations and curiosity. Frank exudes a fierce atmosphere from the released stills, adding intrigue to his pursuit of superpowered individuals.

Renowned webtoon artist Kang Full mentioned, "The more I wrote the script, the more I couldn't think of anyone other than Ryu Seung Beom for the role of Frank. I wrote from around the third episode with Ryu Seung Beom in mind." It is said that after the casting, Ryu Seung Beom deeply immersed himself in the character, adding color into the drama. Martial arts director Ryu Sung Chul added that Ryu Seung Beom actively contributed ideas in preparing for action scenes and showcased moves inspired by Brazil's traditional martial art Capoeira, making the series even more thrilling.

Despite being a character not present in the original source material, Ryu Seung Beom received lavish praise from the production team for his portrayal of Frank, with directors Park Yoon Seo stating, "He was a perfect fit," and Park In Je describing him as "an ideal actor." This has further raised expectations for Ryu Seung Beom's intense performance as the character.

Not only that, Cha Tae Hyun expressed his excitement about working with Ryu Seung Beom, saying, "I've been a huge fan of his since I was young. I've watched almost all of his movies. I was thrilled and delighted to act together with him," creating curiosity about how their relationship will unfold within the story.

Moving is set to premiere on Disney+ on August 9th, with the simultaneous release of seven episodes worldwide, followed by the weekly release of two episodes.