par Hazel Jung, juillet 1, 2023

In the KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama Heartbeat, which will be broadcast on the 3rd, the intriguing relationship between Seon Woo Hyeol (played by Ok Taec Yeon) and Joo In Hae (played by Won Ji An) will be depicted.

Previously, Seon Woo Hyeol, a vampire who longs for pulsating love and wants to become human, fell into a hundred-year slumber within a coffin. In Hae awakens Woo Hyeol by chance, leading to a fateful and intense first encounter.
Towards the end of the broadcast, the cohabitation of the two individuals with contrasting personalities was hinted at, raising anticipation for the unfolding story.

As the drama's development becomes more intriguing, new stills released today, July 1st, capture a different atmosphere between Woo Hyeol and In Hae compared to previous scenes. They gaze at each other, their proximity so close that they can hear each other's breaths, stealing glances from one another.
The tantalizing distance between them, as if their lips are about to touch, creates a trembling tension. In-hae, who lacks human-like qualities, leans against Woo Hyeol with closed eyes, causing their hearts to flutter.

From the expressions and gazes of Woo Hyeol and In Hae, a subtle mix of emotions between them sparks the imagination of what might have happened to them.

As the distance between them feels as close as their heartbeats, the viewers' expectations are heightened, wondering if their relationship will further progress in the upcoming episode.