par Lily Alice, juin 9, 2024

Jinny's Kitchen Season 2 gives a glimpse of the staff in action. Actress Go Min Si will join the team as a new member, filling in for V who is currently on his military service. 

Jinny's Kitchen Season 2 is a Korean variety show in which famous personalities put on aprons to serve Korean delicacies in a foreign country. Lee Seo JinPark Seo JoonJung Yu MiChoi Woo Shik, and Go Min Si will team up to serve the people of Iceland the famous Korean dish, gomtang (Korean beef soup). 

The second teaser shows boss Lee Seo Jin's sincere dedication to his beef soup. His dish has been praised by Jung Yu Mi, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, and even the new employee Go Min Si.

His dream of serving gomtang finally comes true in Iceland. His beloved dish is now being served on the menu there. Lee Seo Jin, sweating and focusing on cooking, reveals his principle of cooking gomtang, saying, "It must be done with a consistent mindset." 

Jinny's Kitchen Season 2 will premiere on June 28. The show will be available to stream on Prime Video.