par Hazel Jung, mai 7, 2023

Lee Da Hae and Se7en held their wedding ceremony at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on the 6th. The ceremony was hosted by comedians Kim Joon Ho and Jo Se Ho, and the congratulatory songs were performed by Big Bang's Taeyang, Gummy, and Bada.

Many colleagues from the entertainment industry attended the wedding to celebrate the couple's future. YG family members such as Big Bang's G-Dragon and Daesung, 2NE1's Sandara Park and CL, and producer Teddy were present. Additionally, Gummy, Kim Jae Joong, Super Junior's Lee Teuk, Dong Hae, Kyu Hyun, Eunhyuk, Kim Hee Chul, So Yoo Jin and Baek Jong Won, model Song Hae Na, comedian Kim Ji Min, actor Kwon Sang Woo, and Kwak Shi Yang were also in attendance.

In particular, Bada, who came as a guest, congratulated Se7en and Lee Da Hae's marriage and their wedding photos, saying, "Congratulations on Dong Wook and Da Hae's marriage. Dong Wook for 23 years, Da Hae for 15 years. The connection between these two has been deep for a long time. I have witnessed their love, understanding, and growth as they have been together for eight years. They went from being lovey-dovey to having a beautiful wedding that brings tears today. I hope you all celebrate their new journey and bless them."

Choi Sung Joon, the matchmaker between the two, posted a photo of the wedding and congratulated them, saying, "Congratulations to both of you."

Lee Da Hae and Se7en confirmed their relationship in September 2016 and have publicly dated since then.
Lee Da Hae previously announced their marriage, stating, "I am still more accustomed to calling him my boyfriend, but he has been by my side, providing me with great happiness and support. Now, as his wife, I will be more considerate and become a source of strength for him. I will repay your love with an even more beautiful and better version of myself as an actress and wife."

Se7en also shared his thoughts: "From now on, as the head of a family and a husband, I will live with a greater sense of responsibility and maturity.