par Lily Alice, juin 11, 2024

South Korean media production company SLL, formerly known as JTBC studios, announced on June 11 that the JTBC hit drama SKY Castle is in the works for a Japanese remake. 

The Japanese remake has already decided on the main cast and started filming. Titled 'スカイキャッスル' (SKY Castle), the J-drama is produced by Japan's leading private broadcaster TV Asahi, and is scheduled to premiere in July.

This marks the first collaboration following the MOU signed on May 17 between SLL and TV Asahi for collaboration in the content business.

While the original Korean drama depicted a war among elites over the university entrance exam, the Japanese remake of SKY Castle will focus on portraying how high school entrance exams are more difficult and involve more parental involvement than university entrance exams. This difference in focus is expected to be a major feature, and curiosity piques about how the Japanese remake, which reflects Japan's educational reality, will differentiate itself from the original. 

The J-drama's cast has also been unveiled. The role of Han Seo Jin (Yeom Jung Ah) will be played by Matsushita Nao; Lee Soo Im (Lee Tae Ran) by Kimura Fumino; Noh Seung Hye (Yoon Se Ah) by Higa ManamiJin Jin He (Oh Na Ra)  by Takahashi Maryjun; and coordinator Kim Joo Young (Kim Seo Hyung) by Koyuki. 

SKY Castle revolves around prestigious families living in the elite neighborhood of SKY Castle, who are deeply invested in their children's education, and willing to go to any extreme extent to secure their admission to top-tier universities.

The K-drama emerged as a domestic hit with a viewership rating of 23.8% and is often listed among the best K-dramas of all time by critics and Hallyu fans.