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Ladies and gentlemen, I got an interesting article for C-drama fans. Even though we have been bored during the last few months there are still some things which make us happy and kill our loneliness. As we begin 2021 many surprising things are coming along, and we are brimming with anticipation to see what they are. So first of all, did you finish your drama plan for 2020? Cause I haven't.

Here are some dramas which we are waiting for. This is my first article so wish me luck!

So let's get started !!!

1. Cute Programmer Main Roles : 

Xing Zhao Lin

Bambi Zhu

Genre: Business, Comedy, Romance, Drama 
Episodes: 30
Synopsis: A Girl disguised as a boy to get her ideal job and her dream guy.

About the cast:

 Xing Zhao Lin (ML) l know him from Lucky’s First LoveHe fits in all his roles. Like he acted in modern (You are My Destiny) and historical (The Eternal Love ) world.....

Bambi Zhu (FL), her recent drama Psych-Hunter. Her recent historical drama was in 2019 Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre.

~As I am a fan of both of them, I think in this drama they will just master their roles and do a great collaboration. I can't wait to see them together!! What about you??

2. My Girlfriend is an Alien 2 

                                                          Main Roles : 

Bie Thassapak Hsu 

                                  Wan Peng 

Genre: Comedy, RomanceFantasy
Synopsis: This is the continuation of the first season about their adventures on earth.

~This drama's first season has a special place in my heart as it introduced me to the Dramaworld<3

About the cast:

Bie Thanssapak Hsu (ML) acted in many popular dramas such as Love Won't WaitLovey Dovey, and a lot more... He is known for his wonderful acting in Cinderella Chef.

Wan Peng (FL) is well known for her first drama When We Were Young and gained more attention from My Girlfriend is an Alien. Her recent dramas are very much loved by her fans which were First Romance and Meeting You.

~So lets for the cute pair to come on the screen again with a new story.

                                                             3. Be Yourself 

Main Roles : 

                                         Zhang Ruo Nan                                      Zhang Xin Yi

                                            Shen Yue                                                    Vivienne Tien

Genre: Friendship, Romance, Youth, Drama
Episodes: 24
Synopsis: It's about the four women experiencing their Youth and growth.

About the Cast:

 Shen Yue (FL), is known for her many amazing dramas such as Meteor Garden, A Love So Beautiful, and many more. Her recent dramas are Count Your Lucky and were in With you as Supporting role.

Zhang Ruo Nan (FL)  was in Cry Me a Sad River. Her acting was great in that movie and because of her and Shen Yue, l will definitely watch this drama too. 

As Vivienne Tien (FL) and Zhang Xin Yi (FL) are new to me, according to the information these both actresses were Support Roles in many other dramas (All is Well49 Days Sacrifice). 

~It would be really great to see these actresses in this drama together.

                                                       4.Being a Hero 

Main Roles : 

                           Wang Yi Bo

                               Chen Xiao 

Genre: Crime, Drama, Detective 
Episodes: 24
Synopsis: Where the two friends got separated because of an incident and meet again with totally different circumstances.

About the Cast:

Wang Yi Bo is also known for one of the most popular dramas The Untamed. He also grabbed the attention of viewers with his great acting in his recent drama Legend of Fei

Chen Xiao is known for his top dramas like Swordsman and Legend of Lu Zhen. His recent drama was Healer of Children.

~As I read this drama’s synopsis l found it really interesting. The genre of this drama is also for those who want a break from Rom-Com and Love Triangle. So let’s look forward to the drama with Wang Yi Bo and Chen Zhao. So get your popcorn ready!

                                               5. Unusual Idol Love 

Main Roles : 

                          Ao Rui Peng 

                                  Rain Lu 

Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi 
Episodes: ?
Synopsis: Story of loli and a "perfect" boyfriend who lives together and love blossoms between the two (Source: Drama Wiki)

About the Cast:

Ao Rui Peng (ML) was in Poisoned Love and also in Beautiful Time With You in a support role. His acting was remarkable in these dramas. And he got his name popular in the industry by acting in Poisoned Love.

Rain Lu (FL) was in Gank Your Heart as a support role and also acted as the lead role in the drama Beautiful Time With You. As l noticed they both were in a drama together but there was little difference as Rain Lu was FL in that and Ao Rui Peng was a Support Role. 

~So let's see another pair on the screen together with a love story.

                                         6. Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling 

Main Roles : 

                              Terry Liu

                                   Rosy Zhao

Genre: Romance, Drama 
Episodes: 24
Synopsis: It's about two people who are totally different from each other who had to live together...

About the Cast:

Zhao Lusi (FL) is one of my favorite actresses,l was also very happy to see her with her recent drama Dating in the Kitchen. She was also in I Hear You and Love Better Than Immortality which are the two dramas loved by the viewer.

l just remember Terry Liu (ML), who was the main lead of My Dear Lady with Jiang Meng Jie (FL). He also participated in Produce Camp 2019 and has many upcoming dramas in 2021 (Sweet Teeth, That Guy is Not Cute).

~So let's see another cute pair together in their upcoming drama...

                                         8. Octogenarians and the 90s 

Main Roles : 

                        Bai Jing Ting 

                             Janice Wu

Genre:  Romance, Life, Drama, Family 
Episodes: 40
Synopsis: Grandma  Lin hands "sunshine home" to her granddaughter because of her illness. The story proceeds with the new experience of family, friendship, and love.

About the Cast:

Bai Jing Jing (ML), l had watched his one of the movie, Yesterday Once More where he did an excellent job as a supporting role. His some of the drama like The Whirlwind Girl and Rush to the Dead Summer was really loved by viewers.

Janice Wu (FL)l knew her from much different drama. Her acting is marvelous. She acted in many dramas from which the ones highlighted once are Le Coup de Foudre and Skate Into Love.

~So let's see another life experience of the leads in this drama...

                                           9. Memory of Encaustic Tile

Main Roles : 

                                    Lin Yi

                               Yukee Chen

Genre:  Romance, Drama 
Episodes: 36
Synopsis: It's about friends who part their ways because of their different opportunities and meet again.....

About the Cast:

Lin Yi is one of my favorite actors, and l got to know him from the drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder. His acting is really outstanding. He made his name in the industry after the release of Put Your Head on My ShoulderHe is acting in a bunch of upcoming dramas.

Now all Historical fans' ears would be up, cause Yukee Chen has mainly acted in popular Historical dramas like Ashes of Love, The Love Lasts Two Minds, The Princess Wei Young, and many more. So basically this would be her first Modern Drama main lead, by the way, are you ready to see her.

~So let's wait and watch the journey of these friends...

                                                      10. The Only One 

Main Roles : 

                                   Lin Yi

                              Zhao Ying Bo 

Genre: Friendship, Comedy, School, Youth, Drama, Family 
Synopsis: Where two people start with the fight but end up cherishing each other.

About the Cast:

Lin Yi is one of my favorite actors, and l got to know him from the drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder. His acting is really outstanding. He made his name in the industry after the release of Put Your Head on My ShoulderHe is acting in a bunch of upcoming dramas.

Zhang Ying bo (ML) is known for his first movie Cry Me a Sad River as Qi Ming (ML). Zhang Ying Bo’s acting was remarkable as l saw in Cry Me a Sad River, he hasn't made any dramas until now. Let's look forward to his first drama.

                                                          11. Moonlight 

Main Roles : 

                              Ryan Ding

                                  Esther Yu

Genre: Business, Romance, Life, Drama 
Episodes: 40
Synopsis: When two online friends meet each other for the first time totally unknown to their real identity.

About the Cast:

Ryan Ding (ML) also popular for his historical drama The Romance of Tiger and Rose and one of his recent dramas Intense Love.

Esther Yu (FL) got popular with her drama Find Yourself and I've Fallen For You and gained more attention with her participation in the TV show Youth With You Season 2.

~So fans are you really ready with your high-speed network to see a beautiful pair together in a drama?

Thank you for reading my article. I will try to make my second article better...

                                                                      I Hope You Enjoyed It ^^.

                 Tell me in the comments which dramas are you looking forward to!

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