par Lily Alice, septembre 15, 2023

With praises pouring in from all around the world, the Disney+ K-Drama Moving has secured its spot as one of the pioneering shows of Korean cinema. 

From jaw-dropping action sequences to heartfelt performances, Moving isn't just a drama – it's a blockbuster spectacle. 

Starring household names like Ryu Seung RyongHan Hyo JooZo In SungCha Tae HyunRyu Seung BeomKim Sung KyunKim Hee WonMoon Sung Geun, and rising stars Lee Jung HaGo Youn JungKim Do HoonMoving is a Park In Je-directed and Kang Full-penned production that tells the stories of teenagers with superpowers and their parents, who hide dark pasts. 

Exploring what went into making this sensation, we collected some interesting facts about the drama, its cast, and their experiences. Read on for intriguing peeks into the making of Moving

1. Moving: A K-Drama That Broke the Bank

Considering the grandiose action sequences, the extensive cast, and an elaborate plot, the scale of Moving is obviously not to be underestimated. Apart from the fact that the series is going down in history as one of the most expensive K-dramas (with the production cost mounting to 50-60 billion KRW), Moving was also kind of a global collaboration of experts. 

At the Moving Creator Talk, Lee Sung Kyu, the VFX supervisor of Moving, revealed that the K-drama has 7000+ shots created using computer graphics or VFX technology, elaborating, "Believe it or not, but a total of 60 studios from 9 countries around the world participated in the VFX production". 

This brings forward an interesting point that despite the 20-episode-drama's production cost being significantly lower than a Hollywood blockbuster, Moving equals 2 to 3 blockbuster movies, in terms of VFX shots.

Because of its scale, the K-drama demanded huge manpower, and a lot of people poured their everything into making something that had never been attempted before. Undoubtedly, they set the bar high for future Korean superhero productions. 

2. Lee Jung Ha Gained 30 Kg

The entire Moving team shed blood, sweat, and tears, including the rookie actor Lee Jung Ha. The rising star's fame shot to the sky, and he even disclosed that following the premiere of Moving, his SNS account followers doubled, leaving him feeling overwhelmed. 

To say the least, the actor deserves the stardom because of his incredible commitment to his character, which involved gaining a staggering 30 kg.

The report first came before the K-drama's release, saying that actor Lee Jung Ha, who plays the role of Lee Mi Hyun's (Han Hyo Joo) son Kim Bong Seok, gained 30 kg for his character. 

This transformation was necessary as his character in the original webtoon has a bulky appearance, and the actor spared no effort to accurately portray him. 

Commenting on his transformation journey in an interview, Lee Jung Ha shared his experience, saying, "I ate whatever I wanted without holding back, yet I was always hungry". He also revealed that he mostly ate ramen and a variety of dishes like Bibim Myeon (Korean Cold Spicy Noodles) and Buldak Bokkeum Myeon (Spicy Chicken Stir-Fried Noodles).

Gaining such a lot of weight unavoidably comes with complications. In fact, director Park In Je briefly mentioned during the Moving Creator Talk that Lee Jung Ha faced health issues (neither the actor, his agency, nor the production team has disclosed any specific details yet). Though it is not the first time we have heard of actors undergoing phenomenal physical transformations, Lee Jung Ha gets a special place, considering he showed immense dedication and discipline at a very young age. 

3. Kim Do Hoon Lost Weight

Sharing the pain of undergoing a physical transformation with Lee Jung Ha was Kim Do Hoon. 

In a Sports Seoul interview, actor Kim Do Hoon disclosed that he shed approximately 10 kg for the filming of Moving. He elaborated on the reason, saying, "Because I have superpowers [in the K-drama], I wanted to build a leaner physique by removing fat". 

The actor also revealed that he was getting into shape for a shirtless scene, which was ultimately removed. 

"Jung Ha had to keep eating because he needed to gain weight, and I had to keep dieting. We looked at each other pitifully", he joked.

4. Go Youn Jung Attended a Cram School + Comments on 17-On-1 Fight Scene

Actress Go Youn Jung, who plays the role of Jang Joo Won's (Ryu Seung Ryong) daughter, also gave it her all. She revealed that she attended an academy that prepares students for the physical education college entrance exam to immerse herself in the character. She said, "I've always liked running and was good at it, but I wondered how I could look like a student preparing for a physical education college entrance exam. So I attended an academy for about 4 to 5 months". Despite them being a part of her work, all that running and exercising ultimately gave Go Youn Jung better health.  

She added, "Even during overnight shoots, I felt less tired, and as we progressed into the middle of filming, my stamina improved".

Moreover, regarding the iconic 17-on-1 action scene in Moving, Go Youn Jung shared her experience, saying that though it wasn't easy, she is proud to have done it. 

The actress revealed that filming took place not on fine mud but on a playground on which water was poured, so the mud particles were rough. Elaborating on her experience, she said, "We filmed it at the end of October, so the weather was cold, and the wind kept blowing, causing the mud on our bodies to dry constantly. When it hardened, it turned white, so we had to keep spraying water to keep it moist, which was a tough job for all of us. Especially in my case, I was wearing a high school uniform with a skirt and short sleeves, so my arms and legs got all scraped. And since my character could not have any wounds, it was really challenging to cover them up".

Though Go Youn Jung was covered in dirt and had a disheveled appearance, she looked pretty as always!

5. Kim Do Hoon Breaking the Tree Was Not CGI

The first time we get to see Lee Kang Hoon's (Kim Do Hoon) strength is in the scene when he fights with Bang Ki Soo (Shin Jae Hwi) and breaks a tree with a fist. Had the actor not revealed it, we would have passed it to be a fine CG effect. 

In an interview, Kim Do Hoon revealed that the director did not use CGI for that particular shot, and "it is the part where a real tree was broken with a crane". 

He further underscored the director's commitment, stating that he strived to do things for real whenever possible. The tree-splitting scene, in particular, demanded extensive rehearsals and a huge effort to achieve its awe-inspiring impact.

6. Kim Sung Kyun's Difficult Experiences Filming Action Scenes

One of the most memorable action scenes from Moving is the face-off between Jang Joo Won (Ryu Seung Ryong) and Lee Jae Man (Kim Sung Kyun) in the sewers. Both characters possess incredible superpowers, making their intense duel a visual treat. But, as grand as it was, the scene demanded immense efforts from the actors and the production team. 

Regarding the sewer scene, actor Kim Sung Kyun revealed that it took them four days, and a lot of time was invested in filming each shot. 

The part where he clings to the ceiling of the sewer passage and threatens Jang Joo Won while moving at high speed was created using wire technology. Kim Sung Kyun made a brief remark, "I hung upside down, and a team of about five or six wire experts pulled me, and we took several shots at the perfect timing".

Kim Sung Kyun also praised the production team saying, "The production team did a fantastic job in making the underground sewer set. What's even more amazing is that they warmed up the water", expressing that he was deeply moved by their consideration.

The veteran revealed that his experience working in Moving made him humble as an actor. He particularly mentioned a challenging scene where his character, Lee Jae Man, hangs onto a police bus in an attempt to save his wife and gets hit by a water cannon from the police. Kim Sung Kyun shared insights on how difficult this scene was. 

"It was November. The first time I was in the rain, I was quite cocky. When the staff told me to go somewhere warm and rest, I would say, 'It's no big deal. I've experienced getting wet and being out in the rain during winter'", he said. "But after I got hit with the water cannon, I became very humble. The water pressure was really strong, and it hit my bare skin. It was hitting my neck, and the pressure was intense, and it was very cold. Right after, I went into a heated room. When my body warmed up and relaxed a bit, I had to go out and get hit again".

Despite having a difficult time filming such challenging scenes, Kim Sung Kyun said he fondly watched the scenes when the episode aired. 

7. Director Park In Je Had a Hard Time Because of Zo In Sung's Good Looks 

Good looks are unarguably one of the most important requirements to be an actor, but when an actor is just too good-looking for a role, it is the director who will face the challenges. Such was the case with Zo In Sung. 

Talking about Zo In Sung's good looks, director Park In Je commented, "As you can see Zo In Sung is too good-looking. The first sequence where Zo In Sung flies [or the first sequence that was filmed] is in an orchard. He is a fugitive who runs from Deputy Director Min and lives a poor life working in an orchard, and Zo In Sung is just too cool for that role. So, as a director, I found it problematic". 

He also said that having someone like Zo In Sung in the countryside didn't make sense. So, they paid a lot of attention to making his clothes and hairstyle appear messy. Director Park admitted, "When we shot the first scene, he looked too handsome, so we tried to make him look less attractive. But there was a limit".

Director Park also told a funny anecdote about Zo In Sung, as reported by SBS Star, "In Sung's character can fly. That's his superpower. But filming In Sung's flying scenes was hilarious. Whenever we filmed his flying scenes, everybody laughed hard. Even In Sung was like, 'Are you sure that this will not completely end my acting career?'". "It was because we were seeing him without any special effects. There were no graphics ready on set. Since we worried about the outcome though, we held in our laughter as much as we could. The first couple of times, we all laughed a lot, but after that, we were dead serious each time". 

8. Ryu Seung Ryong's Cute Complaint of Harassment

Actor Ryu Seung Ryong's action scenes were definitely the most dynamic in the series. And praise for him goes beyond just them; the veteran actor also won hearts for his exceptional acting prowess. But, the man without whom Moving would be incomplete did not have an easy time filming the K-drama.  

Ryu Seung Ryong jokingly complained about some people who troubled him a lot. He said, "These are the people who harassed me very much".

He then mentioned writer Kang Full, director Park In Je, director Park Yoon Seo, martial arts director Ryu Seong Cheol, and actor Park Gwang Jae.

Commenting about his action scenes, Ryu Seung Ryong said in a Forbes article, "If I think too deeply about the action scenes, it becomes more difficult and perplexing". "So what I try to do is just put my all into the work every single day. I think what’s really important about preparing for those action scenes was a lot of stretching and warming up and getting my stamina up so I can pull off those scenes. The stunt team and the VFX team really helped me out a lot so that I could safely take on these scenes. So, while it was quite difficult, I feel very proud that I pulled them off. In episode 11, I was washed in blood and in episode 12 it was a lot of soil and mud. In episode 14, I'm going to be in the water. So I’ve done everything from in the air to on the ground and inside the water. I think I've done everything I could do as an actor in terms of action scenes".

Bonus: Moving Cast Were Like a Real Family on Set

The cast of Moving were no less than a real family on set. The younger actors always had each other's backs, and were also close with their on-screen parents. 

Go Youn Jung admits that she was initially quite apprehensive about meeting Ryu Seung Ryong for the first time because he was such a senior figure. However, to her surprise, he didn't give off any intimidating vibes at all. She commented, "When we first met, he brought two flower baskets, saying that he personally picked them from his favorite flower shop. One was for me, and the other was for Kwak Sun Young, who plays my deceased mother. When working with Ryu Seung Ryong, it was difficult to distinguish between jokes and serious conversations because he liked to joke around a lot". 

She also expressed her gratitude for his thoughtfulness, stating, "Seung Ryong said he sent the coffee truck so his daughter wouldn't get into trouble and to help her get along with her friends". "It really felt like he was my dad, and I was very grateful".

In reciprocation of this touching gesture, Youn Jung also arranged for a coffee truck for her reel-life father when they were filming different scenes.

Lee Jung Ha also spilled on his relationship with his reel-life mother Han Hyo Joo, saying "I was very nervous to work with Han Hyo Joo ... because she is a superstar and I grew up watching her dramas. I was too shy to speak to her", Lee said. But, the actress was very warm towards her junior. "Han insisted that I call her eomma (mom). This made me feel more comfortable and allowed me to get closer to her", Lee added.

Kim Do Hoon also expressed admiration for his on-screen father Kim Sung Kyun, saying, "Senior Kim Sung Kyun was just as kind and warm-hearted as I had heard. When we talked together, he made me feel so comfortable ... After our last shoot, I greeted him with, 'Thank you for your hard work', and he replied, 'It was an honor for me to act alongside you too'. I was so touched by his words that wondered what I had done to deserve them. I was truly grateful, and just those words were a great strength for me as a junior".

Which of these tidbits about Moving surprised you the most?

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