Similar setting and feeling, although Secret Reunion is better movie
Recommandé par Sindsoron
It's same kind of movie, with the same vibe and kind of character. Also spies from North Korea in the south
Recommandé par Elisa
Although Secret Reunion is a movie and King2Hearts is a drama they tells a story of North and South Korean that despite the differences can communicate. Movie is about friendship, drama is about love between main leads.
Recommandé par tiitek
Both are action thrillers that feature a begrudging partnership between a South Korean cop and a North Korean officer. The two gradually become a part of each other's lives in order to fulfill mutual goals while slowly building up a fragile trust, oftentimes to comedic effect.
Recommandé par chronoclast
Both movies involved the North and South Korean became friends. Despite the politically differences, they have high moral and principle.
Recommandé par Chia6
Both feature great action scenes with main characters who have kind of the same personality.
Recommandé par SRASinister
Two men. Trust or mistrust. Love and hat relationship. Bromance. Life journey. Moment of sweetness.
Recommandé par Chia6
Both film about North and South main leads developed friendship, understanding, bond and trust. Despite the political differences and pressure, could they survive in mission and relationship/friendship?
Recommandé par Chia6
Both movies feature friendships in difficult circumstances, themes of trust and betrayal and the relationship between North and South.
Recommandé par anilam
The prosecutor digging himself into deeper water. Bromance. Strong acting. Fighting for justice. Fun movie to warch
Recommandé par Chia6
If you are into mysterious, dark heroes who fight like pros and talk the bare minimum, both these films are for you. Both have great fighting scenes and outstanding acting performances.
Recommandé par amrita828
Although these two movies are set in completely different times and different story lines, both movies are about two men who are from different sides of war becoming friends.
Recommandé par nibox72
Both movies have mysterious men, action sequences, and great acting.
Recommandé par Grumpy Witch
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