Dream High Épisode 1

7.9/10 from 39 users
Jan 03, 2011
Go Hye Mi, a pretty girl from a rich family, dreams of becoming a professional vocalist. However, her father goes on the run because his business has failed, leaving a large amount… read more

Dream High Épisode 2

8.3/10 from 32 users
Jan 04, 2011
Yoon Baek Hee, Kim Pil Sook and Jason passed the school interview, except Hye Mi. After failing to pass the interview, Hye Mi is forced to perform in a night club, and fortunately,… read more

Dream High Épisode 3

8.4/10 from 27 users
Jan 10, 2011
Hye Mi has to stay at Sam Dong's home for a night because she missed the last bus. In order to persuade Sam Dong to attend Kirin as a special enrolment student, Hye Mi tells him that… read more

Dream High Épisode 4

8.3/10 from 24 users
Jan 11, 2011
The Art director orders the special enrolment students to do improvisational acting for the purpose of striking the president of the council. Due to this reason, Hye Mi and Jin Gook… read more

Dream High Épisode 5

9.0/10 from 24 users
Jan 17, 2011
Hye Mi declares war on Baek-hee for winning the first evaluation at the end of the month. However, the special class is prohibited from using the practice rooms. Pil Sook joined the… read more

Dream High Épisode 6

8.7/10 from 20 users
Jan 18, 2011
Sam Dong saves Hye Mi from being hit by a flowerpot and faints. Hye Mi stays by Sam Dong's side for the whole night out of guilt, blaming herself for letting Sam Dong get hurt. On… read more

Dream High Épisode 7

9.0/10 from 21 users
Jan 24, 2011
Chairman Hyun once again tells Jin Gook to leave here and study abroad. Jin Gook decides not to attend the fake showcase and sorts out his feelings about Hye Mi. Hye Mi feels hurt… read more

Dream High Épisode 8

8.9/10 from 22 users
Jan 31, 2011
Jin Gook is caught by his father's henchmen and taken to the airport, thus missing the date with Hye Mi. In order not to leave here, Jin Gook decides to make his debut, but Hye Mi… read more

Dream High Épisode 9

8.9/10 from 19 users
Feb 01, 2011
With the dance competition coming soon, Oh Hyuk begs Doo Shik for a place to train. As minors, the students are forbidden to go to the dance club, so they have to go to a sauna for… read more

Dream High Épisode 10

8.4/10 from 23 users
Feb 07, 2011
Oh Hyuk, Hye Mi and Sam Dong arrive in Japan and are taken to a wedding ceremony. Hye Mi and Sam Dong sing the wrong song on stage, the meaning of which is told to the groom by the… read more

Dream High Épisode 11

9.0/10 from 20 users
Feb 08, 2011
The next day, Jason finishes filming work and rushes back to Korea, seeing that Pil Sook has fainted because of fatigue. Jason chooses to wait by Pil Sook's bedside. The agent of K… read more

Dream High Épisode 12

8.9/10 from 19 users
Feb 14, 2011
Sam Dong leaves Oh Hyuk's home and goes to the disco club, saying that he won't act in the showcase. Yang Jin Man says that if the special class gets a grade A, the schoolmaster will… read more

Dream High Épisode 13

9.0/10 from 21 users
Feb 15, 2011
Baek Hee falls on stage during the showcase. Sam Dong cannot hear the music due to buzzing in his ears, but with Hye Mi's help, he finishes singing successfully. Baek Hee wakes up… read more

Dream High Épisode 14

9.1/10 from 20 users
Feb 21, 2011
Baek Hee asks Hye Mi what she should do, and Hye Mi tells Baek Hee not to speak out the truth. The police watched the monitoring video and found Baek Hee was there. Oh Hyuk and Jin… read more

Dream High Épisode 15

9.2/10 from 20 users
Feb 22, 2011
Hye Mi's father appears and wants to take Hye Mi to America. Before leaving, Hye Mi learns that Oh Hyuk was once one of Hye Mi's mother's suitors. Hye Mi's mother asks a favour of… read more

Dream High Épisode 16

8.9/10 from 27 users
Feb 28, 2011
Jin Man puts up the students' video on the Internet, which goes viral. There is a chance that a performance is needed to fill in a concert, and these six students will get to attend… read more

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Dream High (2011) poster



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