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Il y a deux ans, Kokoro Yamihara, aujourd'hui grand reporter pour un hebdomadaire de divertissement, a rencontré l'officier de police Toramatsu Asada en le croisant un soir, ivre et incohérent. Son comportement lui fait rater un scoop. Mais rapidement, une flambée d'amour a jailli entre eux et ils sont devenus amants. Désormais, ils rêvent tous deux de se marier, mais quelque chose les retient… La vie amoureuse passée de Toramatsu Asada lui pose encore des problèmes, tandis que Kokoro Yamihara dissimule un sombre secret sur sa famille. Le couple ne demande qu'à s'avouer la vérité pour pouvoir enfin se marier. Mais les choses se compliquent lorsque survient une série de meurtres horribles — et étranges — dont les victimes semblent avoir été vidées de leur sang. Qui se cache derrière ces meurtres ? Kokoro Yamihara et Toramatsu Asada pourront-ils un jour se dévoiler leurs secrets ? (Source: Viki) Modifier la traduction

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  • Pays: Japan
  • Catégorie: Drama
  • Épisodes: 9
  • Diffusé: avril 18, 2023 - juin 13, 2023
  • Diffusé Sur: Mardi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: TV Asahi
  • Durée: 54 min.
  • Score: 7.4 (scored by 242 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #6924
  • Popularité: #8390
  • Classification du contenu: Not Yet Rated

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juin 26, 2023
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Unknown; A Drama with Wasted Potential...

Unknown is arguably one of the weirdest dramas from 2023 so far. This statement does not come from the plot itself. In fact, on paper, the drama was engrossing; a vampire called Yamihara Kokoro ( Takahata Mitsuki), pretending to be human, falls in love with a human policeman Asada Toramatsu (Tanaka Kei). Toramatsu's skeletons in the closet come to light as the drama precedes. As Kokoro and Toramatsu attempt to navigate their new sense of the everyday, their lives are interrupted by a series of brutal murders.

Where the problem became apparent with Unknown came through the writing and execution itself. Initially, the story began on a solid foot. Viewers learn early on that Kokoro's family are vampires. She is dating a human and struggles between her identity and shielding elements of her life from Asada. The early teasing by the screenwriter Tokuo Koji ( Ossan's Love and Eiga Engeki Success So) for the series is a mystery thriller with elements of slice of life was soon interrupted by the attempts to bring about '' shocking twists''.

Of course, a dramatic twist or moment of sudden reversal for the characters can work well in a drama, given that it is well incorporated into the plot. The problem with Koji's writing came from trying to outdo the last twist in a series of events, which becomes increasingly ridiculous in later episodes. By the end of the series, the more relevant plot twists were so lost in the multitude of loose plot threads that they lost their true significance in the series.

The acting of the series was okay. It was nothing particularly award-winning ( especially considering the more over-the-top performances), but it was watchable for the most part.

Takahata Mitsuki offered arguably one of the best performances in the series as the vampire and journalist Yamihara Kokoro. For the most part, Kokoro is a fairly kindhearted character who attempts to live a simple life by adapting to the modern world. She has a close relationship with her parents ( though her relationship with her brother is rarely explored, even in minor scenes to their full potential). She cares deeply for her boyfriend and fiancé Yamihara. One element which became apparent in Kokoro's character was that she rarely seemed to have a more profound sense of authority or putting her foot down. It is understandable not to want to upset others ( in fact, this would have been an exciting flaw for Kokoro to have possessed). Still, her questionable relationship with Kagami Keisuke ( Machida Keita) was bizarre. For a character like Kokoro, it seemed odd for her not to question or worry about how she practically had a flirtatious relationship with Keisuke, even in front of Yamihara. The series attempted to add a shocking twist on this front, but how this was left lacked a lot.

Tanaka Kei starred as policeman Asada Toramatsu and Kokoro's fiancé. Toramatsu had a lot of potentials to be morally ambiguous and complex. His backstory and relationship with his father were hinted to have been a major driving force of the series, and while it did possess some intriguing aspects, its blunt deliverance and rushed conclusion lacked a lot of dramatic impact and buildup. This resulted in Toramatsu's character being a bit weak in his writing. He certainly had kindhearted elements to his character and a good heart. Still, considering the number of deaths and conflict around Toramatsu, it seemed odd that this character was not given full justice through his development.

Other vital characters included Kokoro's theatrical father, Yamihara Kaizo ( Yoshida Kaizo), an attempted piece of comic relief for the series, which, while funny in scenes, became a bit exhausting at times. Kokoro's mother and Kaizo's wife, Yamihara Iori (Aso Kumiko), is a reasonably fun character in her own right. The series was going for a Morticia and Gomez dynamic, with the couple seemingly being head over heels for one another in a more morbid manner. However, a lack of romantic chemistry between the characters and a lack of dynamic between the actors often meant this relationship fell slightly flat.

Kagami Keisuke enacts as Kokoro's co-worker and potential love interest. Keisuke and Kokoro's relationship dynamic was arguably one of the most bizarre in the series ( including an attempted threesome date with Toramatsu, despite the male lead disliking him). The drama tried to pull a sudden, surprising twist in the final part of the series, but a lack of proper build-up and writing made this feel rushed and poorly developed.

Other supporting characters included Yoyozuka Yukio (Kote Shinya), Igarashi Matsuri (First Summer Uika), Yamihara Ren (Inoue Yuki), Igarashi Daigoro (Sota Ryosuke), Niwatsuki Genji ( Sakou Yoshi), Minamijuji Hajime (Niiro Shinya), Soga Shinichi (Ishikawa Zen) and Imafuku Ume (Kino Hana). Although these characters were fascinating in their own right, they were rarely given enough screen time or development to be explored to their full potential.

The OST was decent. Kono Shin composed some decent tracks, such as ''UNKNOWN MAIN THEME'', which were haunting. The cinematography was strange in that the opening had the highest production budget of the whole series. Directors Kanai Ko and Ruto Toichiro attempted to add to the mystery element by revealing minor parts of the ending in the opening credits per episode. This was quite a creative take with all things considered but a mixture of rushed execution and convoluted plot twists often resulted in the impact of the opening losing its meaning over time. The actual quality of the series was average.

Unknown was a drama which was filled with wasted potential. Poor writing decisions and a lack of character development meant they needed further development. The acting was not bad, but they were not performed in a way viewers could take entirely seriously. Overall while short in length, Unknown was a waste of time and potential despite its exciting premise.

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mars 19, 2024
9 épisodes vus sur 9
Complété 1
Globalement 7.0
Histoire 8.5
Acting/Cast 8.5
Musique 7.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 6.5

Vampire/Human Romance Story with a speck of mystery

Although this has same title as the new BL series out right now from Result Entertainment, and this series has Machida Keita (who looks so handsome here), the story revolves around the relationship between female lead as a vampire living like a typical human, and a human policeman.
It has a quirky atmosphere, light effort on comedy, and mystery. The romance that is the main focus is full of little hurdles from start. Great part for me is the Mom boasting to be an ARMY & feeling lonely that BTS are now doing individual work.
I recommend this series but don't expect too much. It starts really slow but hopefully Machida can keep you watching til end.

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  • Drama: Unknown
  • Pays: Japon
  • Épisodes: 9
  • Diffusé: avril 18, 2023 - juin 13, 2023
  • Diffusé On: Mardi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: TV Asahi
  • Durée: 54 min.
  • Classification du contenu: Pas encore classifié


  • Score: 7.4 (marqué par 242 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #6924
  • Popularité: #8390
  • Téléspectateurs: 1,006

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