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Hi there, 

First of all I would like to say thank you so much for visiting my profile page. I was in a lot of debate what to put here but I guess that I should start with a small introduction.

I absolutely love  Asian dramas,  productions and films.They hold a special place in my heart and I’ll quite happily watch Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese dramas/ productions if they have  an interesting premise. I am an absolute coffee and chocolate lover as well and you’ll often find me with a coffee-in-hand when watching a drama or writing a review.

When writing my reviews, I try to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of a production from observation. I do attempt  to remain fairly detached and impersonal but  I hope it can be appreciated that I am only human. Naturally, I do have my own thoughts and feelings on shows and productions also. Please bear this in mind when reading my reviews; they are not set in stone. If you think differently about a show or rating that is okay, just appreciate I think differently too! 

 I have often been asked why my reviews are so harsh or rarely go above 8.0/10 +. For me, a show has to really hit a lot of marks to be placed in this particular category of higher ratings. I have nothing against other viewers giving this rating or above but I should say that if you see me reviewing  a show and rating it between a 6.0-6.5, then it is fairly average  in my books. (Anything above that is certainly a good rating for me.)

I hate to say this but I think another point that  I have to bring up here regards sending messages directly or leaving comments under my reviews. I have no problem with people posting comments on my review about their own opinions or thoughts on a show/production, sending friend requests or messaging me about their own beliefs or analysis on a show/ production so long as it is respectful and polite. However, it’s sad to have to say this but I will not tolerate abusive, threatening, sniping or trolling messages that are aimed at me or others under my direct messages or comments. I will not respond to them and if I really have to, I will take it further with admin. 

Aside from that, I want to say thank you again for visiting my profile. I hope that my reviews can offer some guidance with a show or production, and help to outline some shared thoughts and opinions on them too! 


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