It's June of their third year of high school, and Takumi has an important anniversary to attend back in his hometown. He wants to invite Gii along for the trip, but time and scheduling and possibly broken promises stand in the way
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Different from the previous movies, this film focuses on the relationship between Misu Arata and Shingyouji Kanemitsu. Started from their 1st meeting when Shingyouji was taken the test to enter in Shidou Gakuen as a junior high student and felt in love with Misu at the first sight, and two years later in the present time. The appearance of the legendary senpai Sagara Takahiro became a problem between them since Misu has always admired Sagara. Takumi, Gii, and Akaike want to help Misu and Shingyouji in this matter. On the other side, there's also a little side-story of Takabayashi and his boyfriend Yoshizawa.
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At the beginning of their third-year school, Takumi is looking forward to see his boyfriend Gii after the school break. Takumi will no longer be Gii's roommate, while Gii, who is now the third floor's dorm head , has his own room. He soon discovers that since Gii's return from New York, not only has his appearance changed but also his attitude towards him and the others. Besides being cold and avoiding him on purpose, Gii even suggests they stop seeing each other for a while. Deeply affected by the sudden change in Gii's attitude and rejection, Takumi's human contact phobia relapses. Takumi's new roommate Arata Misu, who dislikes Gii, informs Gii of Takumi's relapse and his intention to cure Takumi of his phobia if they were to break up.
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This is the second part of the Takumi-kun series. Takumi and Gii are now a couple and the envy of the whole school. However, their relationship becomes rocky when first-year student Morita Tooru appears in the picture. Takumi begins to doubt Gii's love and thinks that his lover has given up on him and has moved on to Morita, a freshman student. How will the story end? Will Takumi and Gii eventually break up, or will their love become stronger as they fight for their love?
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Set at Shidou Gakuin, a boys' boarding school situated off the beaten track. In the second year at school, Takumi Hayama is allocated a room in a dorm to share with Giichi "Gii" Saki. Gii was brought up abroad and is the school idol with his exceptional academic performance, as well as his good looks. One day, Gii confesses to Takumi that he has been in love with him for some time. This unexpected truth of events unsettles Takumi, however, he comes to realize the true sensitivity of Gii.
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