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Dans l'univers de l'hypnose, Lu Feng Ping est réputé pour être l'un des meilleurs spécialistes au monde. Véritable génie dans sa discipline, Feng Ping possède des compétences hors pair. Naturellement, lorsque la ville est secouée par une série de crimes qui semblent tous avoir été commis sous l'influence de l'hypnose, c'est à Feng Ping que la police s'adresse pour obtenir de l'aide. En tant qu'officier chargé de l'affaire, Luo Fei n'a pas d'autre choix que de s'en remettre à Feng Ping. Luo Fei, un détective criminel en proie à des démons intérieurs, se montre très méfiant à l'égard de Feng Ping et de son travail. Cependant, Luo Fei doit admettre que la perspicacité de Feng Ping l'aiderait à mieux comprendre les tenants et les aboutissants de cette affaire particulière. Une fois leurs appréhensions mutuelles mises de côté, Feng Ping et Luo Fei s'attaquent à l'affaire avec autant d'ardeur l'un que l'autre. En collaborant, ils découvrent que quelque chose d'autre que leur travail les relie : une sombre affaire vieille de dix ans qui reste à ce jour non résolue. Connectés d'une manière que ni l'un ni l'autre n'attendait, Luo Fei et Feng Ping se plongent avec enthousiasme dans leur travail, à la recherche d'indices qui les aideront à résoudre à la fois cette affaire ancienne en même temps que l'affaire actuelle. Au fil de leur travail, ils découvrent une mystérieuse organisation mêlée à des relations très tordues. Serait-ce là le coup de pouce dont ils ont besoin pour boucler les deux affaires ou y a-t-il quelque chose de plus sombre tapi dans l'ombre ? (Source: Viki) ~~ Adapté du roman « L'hypnotiseur maléfique » de Zhou Hao Hui. Modifier la traduction

  • Français
  • 中文(台灣)
  • Português (Brasil)
  • Português (Portugal)
  • Pays: China
  • Catégorie: Drama
  • Épisodes: 24
  • Diffusé: avril 23, 2023 - mai 15, 2023
  • Diffusé Sur: Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Dimanche
  • Station de diffusion initiale: Mango TV
  • Durée: 45 min.
  • Score: 7.9 (scored by 836 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #2956
  • Popularité: #3791
  • Classification du contenu: G - All Ages

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mai 18, 2023
24 épisodes vus sur 24
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Globalement 9.0
Histoire 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musique 9.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 9.0
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Zheng Ye Cheng once again proved his acting ability

This drama is made for those who want to take their time and enjoy the content.
Xin Yun Lai, who played Luo Fei, was a good fit. Unlike his true character, he passionately played the role of a calm and taciturn detective with the thorns of a past case in his heart.
The supporting cast, including James Yang as Bai Ya Xing, was also excellent. However, Merxat, who has a reputation as a villain, could have brought more tension and depth to the drama by enhancing Bai Ya Xing's personality.
Today's viewers are more interested in simple, easy-to-understand dramas like New Life Begins, which was a hit last year.
This drama is based on an original story, so it is impossible to make major changes, but to summarize it in 24 episodes, the seven deadly sins are seven cases, and each case is solved every two episodes (two episodes were aired each day), with the main character's hypnotism leading to the resolution of the case in 14 episodes. If the plot had been as simple as a Hollywood drama, with the remaining 10 episodes to reveal the truth of the main character's mother's death, the mastermind's motive, etc., and finally solve the case, it might have been more acceptable to a wider audience. It would have cut down on the depth of this drama...
In this, Zheng Ye Cheng once again proved his acting ability. Even in scenes without dialogue, he is able to express detailed emotional swings.
In Chinese drama productions, the romance category has the largest number of viewers and becomes a blockbuster drama, whereas these dramas are in a minor category and are usually unlikely to become a hit. However, Desire Catcher has become a hit in its own right, with a seeding volume of over 500 million.
Zheng Ye Cheng is, in fact, also good at romcom dramas. Despite its low budget, The Sleepless Princess and My Sassy Princess were near S-class hits.
Although his popularity would have exploded if he continued to appear in romcom dramas, he has chosen not to appear in this category, instead appearing in Enlighten your life, a national policy drama about the pioneering era of nuclear power generation, and Stealth Walker, an undercover investigation drama.
Zheng Ye Cheng belongs to a private agency, so he has not been able to appear in S-class dramas as a leading actor, and his fame is not as high as that of popular young actors (many people have not seen him since loveO2O), but his acting ability is probably one of the best among actors.

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6 personnes ont trouvé cette critique utile
mai 17, 2023
24 épisodes vus sur 24
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Globalement 8.5
Histoire 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musique 9.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 7.0
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Pandora's Box

This Pandora's box of a psychological thriller was something I picked up after a trusted source suggested it and I read the premise. It reminded me a lot of the dynamic of "Under the Skin" only there it was a cop and a sketch artist and here it was a cop and a hypnotist. I've never seen anyone from the cast before, so as always went in without any expectations or preconceived notions.

Pros: As always the dynamic of the two ML's had to develop as one couldn't just blindly trust a stranger especially when law and crime was involved. The cases all early on suggested a very rich and powerful psychotherapist that was also a psychopath was the main villain. Even though the people committing the absolutely horrible crimes had their own reasons, they were essentially vigilantes which goes against all forms of societal justice. Yes you feel bad for some of them and who they were trying to protect, but killing innocent people like Xiao Liu, the officer just trying to do his job, was not justice. It was greed and self pity. Both ML's were struggling with inner demons related to the same case from 10 years back and I did enjoy their back and forth as they tried to figure that case out amongst all of the others. Finding their balance of trust as cop/consultant and friends was often heartwarming and often frustrating.

Everyone on Team Luo was essential even the one they lost and the one that transferred in. They not only formed a formidable task force but their care for one another was just a very bright spot to see even when things seemed to get out of hand. The main villain's true motive didn't come into focus until the last few episodes but it didn't take away from his viciousness nor depravity. Which made him a great and absolutely psychotic antagonist. I wish we got to see more of his psychological disfunction throughout the series; I spent many years researching serial killers like him and he reminds me a lot of Dr. Harold Shipman and Ted Bundy in his ability to essentially hide in plain sight and yet be this series version of Dr. Death. He used others to commit crimes for him never getting his hands dirty until the last one. His ability to manipulate those around him was in line with him refusing to take any responsibility for the crimes that started everything. He played God though he was dying and thought he was in the right until the very last breath he took. Other than needing more time on screen, he was a great big bad wolf.

The OSTs were on point and I also liked the flashbacks as the audience got to understand what had happened or why certain things went a certain way. Everything was placed just right. I was pretty neutral on LFP always having lollipops with him or LF handing them to him later because that was his own psychological way to handle anxiety after the death of his mom.

Cons: Ok I'm getting this out of the way but who's idea was it to give LFP a Hobbit wig? The thing was absolutely atrocious and made him look ridiculous. Was it in order to show him during and after his prison term with a bowl haircut looking somewhat normal, because when he ran or moved fast it was so obvious it was glued to his head, it just didn't help with concentrating on the scene. Wardrobe in general for him was a few sizes too large and just didn't fit his character. Wish they kept him in the tone of less is more.

Why didn't a single officer carry a gun with him unless told to do so? Xiao Liu did bring a gun but LF didn't in the episode Xiao Liu was killed. Wasn't part of being a police officer that you had to always carry your service piece and know how to use it? Go to target practice, make sure you always are up to date with knowing how to use your firearm? Plus, never enter a cave or any other unknown location without backup? That entire part of episode 10 was completely unbelievable in police procedure in any country. I have seen this in a few of their series where the perps had weapons but the cops had zilch. A gun fired for an officer's safety doesn't mean use of deadly force. The perp is trying to stab you, shoot the knife out of his hand. A survivable and light wound for him, but you're alive. Guess they had to kill off Xiao Liu in that one because even when LF called his name in that tunnel, Xiao Liu could have called for help but didn't and that was such a huge loophole. LF always using his martial arts only when others have pipes and knives was just unreal.

I mentioned this in the comments but LFP getting 7 years (served less) for manslaughter. It should have been involuntary manslaughter as the big bad didn’t give them a choice other than suicide by cop plus stopping the bomb attached to LY. That should have been probation max. That made a whole lot of no sense to me and I often feel that their criminal laws give a greater punishment to protectors than perps.

Lastly, I wish LFP was shown doing more hypnosis in the series and where we really got an understanding of how it worked on a smaller scale. But that wasn't much of a con.

Would I recommend it? I absolutely would. If you don't look at this from a procedural perspective and can overlook the annoying as hell wig, this is actually a pretty engaging and entertaining series. I'm glad I watched it. There's an extra episode with links in the comments too.

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  • Drama: Desire Catcher
  • Pays: Chine
  • Épisodes: 24
  • Diffusé: avril 23, 2023 - mai 15, 2023
  • Diffusé On: Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Dimanche
  • Station de diffusion initiale: Mango TV
  • Durée: 45 min.
  • Classification du contenu: Tous publics


  • Score: 7.9 (marqué par 836 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #2956
  • Popularité: #3791
  • Téléspectateurs: 3,495

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