Both are thrillers with a serial killer who looks charismatic chasing after a helpless girl. Both leads do some smart and some dumb actions. I would say the lead in Midnight might be smarter and the thrill is also more.
Recommandé par Emzfmz
They are both similar to eachother with the storyline and they are both kdramas that have the same stories which are similar.
Recommandé par jjyuta
These are the exact same stories. Unlocked (2023) is and adaption of Stolen Identity.
Recommandé par Geegee16
Both are about FLs having to deal with psychopaths who target the FL with obsession. They have similar vibes.
Recommandé par Surya Lipa
Psycho dude methodically stalks a chick before kidnapping her. Definitely same vibes in both films.
Recommandé par Geegee16
Films have similar tones, and plots. We see a young woman being stalked by a psycho killer who is obsessed with her.
Recommandé par Geegee16
Plots focus on a young lady trying to escape from a stalker/killer. Dark and bloody themes in both.
Recommandé par Geegee16
Both Korean movie has to do with phone. Both are mystery, thriller, involved with girl always on the phone. Intense, fragile, miserable and frustration at the same time
Recommandé par Chia6
The female leads in both are the targets of serial killers who treat them as their prey as they slowly ingratiate themselves into their lives in sinister ways . The dynamics of the relationships the killers have with the female leads in these shows go in different directions but the the core stories are the same. Both shows tackle how technology and social media in the hands of psychopaths can be used as a tool to lure and harm women.
Recommandé par Saygo
The two movies forgotten and unlocked show quite a few similarities. Both are/ feature…

-psychological thrillers
-struggles with identity and memory
-modern urban settings
-family dynamics
-impact of technology
-dark atmosphere
-ordinary protagonists
Recommandé par Zoe457
Similarities. Both have…

-psychological thriller genre
-ordinary protagonist in distress
-feelings of fear and paranoia
-isolation and alienation themes
-manipulative and controlling antagonists
-modern setting in South Korea
-protagonists being driven into madness and finding themselves in horryfing situations
-themes of trust and betrayal
Recommandé par Zoe457
?Dumb ways to die
So many dumb ways to die

Invite a psycho-killer inside
Scratch a drug dealer's brand new ride
Take your helmet off in outer space
Use a clothes dryer as a hiding place

Dumb ways to die
So many dumb ways to die?
Recommandé par lilysvalley
Smartphone (2023) poster



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