They have the same vibes
Young human helping an angel/ghost…
Supernatural elements

Recommandé par Clarywayland20
Both dramas are dealing with psychical creatures. The main leads are offering services and provide shelter for wandering souls toward the afterlife.
Recommandé par Cherrymotion
Both male leads are given a second chance to make a change in their lives. They both found themselves in their current situations not by their own doing but by the mistakes of beings from the othe side.
Recommandé par Mistress
both dramas have suicidal and traumatic things. They are great for ppl having been through suicidal thoughts.
Recommandé par Jichuya
~both are centered around death and have a team of main characters with their own stories
~each episode focuses on the people they're trying to save/clean up after
~both were very emotional (one of the few shows that made me cry)
Recommandé par caroline
This is an episodic drama when they solve different cases just like Tomorrow. Lee Je Hoon's character reminds me of the main female lead of this show and the whole helping people in need is also present in Taxi Driver.
Recommandé par AexyMauve
- both deal with people/their spirit/ghost who have died for reasons like sui!de and mrder
- both FL are cold & have a team /person that has helped them in their work for a long time
- both ML sort of stumble into FL work area & are more „lively“ in nature
- FL in SYHH is a exorcist; FL in Tomorrow is a Grim Reaper type being
… they have a similar feel overall
Recommandé par Sugar Crown
Both are grim reaper kinda drama/movie
Both have 2 man 1 female team (while in Tomorrow is female leader)
The difference will be in Tomorrow, the mc grim reaper is saving lives while the grim reaper in Along with Gods are helping souls to go through the judges and pass through reincarnation cycle.
Recommandé par Natsume
- both episodic dramas dealing with people and dying
- both will make you cry at least once
- both have a trio; 2 boys and 1 girl
- both slowly show the stories of the mcs as each ep progresses

- 'tomorrow' is much rather a darker show in my opinion, though both of them do deal with heavy topics
- rather than dealing with patient's last wishes like 'if you wish upon me,' tomorrow deals with trying to stop people from suicide
- imo 'if you wish upon me' had much more of a family / found family feel as the patients are all somewhat connected
- 'tomorrow' has a more supernatural / unrealistic tone to it

'if you wish upon me' is insanely underrated, i really reccomend it if you like shows like tomorrow and move to heaven
Recommandé par sss
Tell me your wish and Tomorrow are dramas that can you feel very emotional in every episode, both dramas leave important messages and even if the dramas touch sensitive topics it can also made you feel with hopeles and that the life can always give you second opportunities.
Recommandé par jazz
"Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds" is the closest thing to "Tomorrow"!!!!!
Judgment on suicide
Learning about life in an exciting way
Scenes that make you cry
Three guides - one female and two males
The effects shift like the angels of death in "Tomorrow"
and more!
Recommandé par YossiYoshi
Goblin, being one of the famous series must be a good watch/rewatch after Tomorrow.

Both involve grim reapers, souls, a touch of the afterlife, and a crossover between the two worlds (the living and the dead) with some comedic moments among the characters. But, Goblin is more romantic with bromance and a cute depiction of youth life and Tomorrow is a slice of life depicting forms of suicide and suicidal thoughts and shows different challenges of performing as a team.

Like Tomorrow, Goblin also tackles a youth's dream and future which will also make you think of your own and it has iconic teleportation effects that make it so enjoyable to watch.

Also, both flashback historical eras add a flavor to the drama- like you'll see them in traditional clothes and their visuals are perfect!
Recommandé par e m j i
Same female lead .Also both are fantasy dramas. Plotwise it's different but have some similarities .
Recommandé par minmin
I can’t believe no one has yet mentioned this. It’s the same vibe for me. The ML in Korean Odyssey is a sage of heaven, Sun Oh-gong and rescues his soon-to-be love interest. FL sees spirits and cross paths with ML years later. It was a love hate relationship.
As for Tomorrow, it’s about a man that goes into coma due to an accident but was given the choice to work for an agency that manages a team which prevents suicidal people.
Both dramas are:
- fantasy
- strong FL
- has an otherworldly being
- great plot and cinematography
- love both OSTs
Recommandé par rhaevenortiz
Similar story
Same vibe
Supernatural elements
The main leads are offering services and provide shelter for wandering souls toward the afterlife
Recommandé par Menta
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