Both of them got a documentary format which follow our main lead couple story. Moreover the documentary take place twice which leading the female lead and the male lead to be reunited a second time. For both are a love to hate and again to love romance.
Recommandé par Leoo
- both have FL and ML dating in the past but breaking up and meeting again
- both have the summer vibes
- both are romcoms!
Recommandé par aad
Dramas that just present the everyday’s lives of our main leads. Not stressful, just dramas where you can sit and relax. Both male leads are huge green flags. The pace and videography are giving me the same vibes. Hidden Love OST “Forever Star” and Our Beloved Summer OST “Drawer” are both relaxing and calming. Nothing complicated; just two people becoming parts of each other through the ups and downs, realistic problems in life.
Recommandé par No Name
Exactly same story :

leads who got to know each other in high school.
we find them later in their professional life.
love triangle with a ceo.
friends to lovers.
lead F who wants to succeed in his professional life
Recommandé par KAELEEDRAMAG
They both have settings way back in high school.
They have the same concept of going back to back with present and past.
Both have superior line up of OST.
Chemistry of among the leads are on top.

main couple had a major fall out in the past
Recommandé par 1259
I know you are wondering why OBS who has a completely different plot is here and usually i would text a bunch of points to explain why both of them are similar but in all honesty, only the essence of both of dramas are same.
Both of the drama come from the same point for me. They don’t just look at the romance part alone. They extend to understand each of the leads and to every decision they made and how they have grown on that. In OBS, we see KYS (FL) and the decisions she made for CW (ML) and for him to grow cause she loved him just like how in HL, SZ understands her heart and what it wants, at the same point maturing to understand what it really takes to fall in love.
Both of them askes the same questions, "What are we?"
Recommandé par Wol hwa
The feel-good kind of drama that make you happy after a long tiring day or when you are caught in a bad mood. Visuals and chemistry from both dramas are impeccable. And also the OSTs!
Recommandé par thiswasneverthat
The start of OBS immediately reminded me of the short web drama Flat. Two high schoolers that date and a documentary shows us their relationship as they grow into adulthood.
Recommandé par Peephole
Both are set during high school days.
The Leads were together at that time and broken up due to misunderstandings.
The leads' characteristics are really different but the story turns up in their favors.
Recommandé par tintin92
Both of the dramas has "second chance romance" trope.
Both has "first love" trope too.
Similar reason to break up.
"Smart girl - lazy boy" trope ( in their high-school era)
Both are definitely for a lovers of "slow burn"
Recommandé par annalilia
1) Similar lighthearted vibes throughout the show
2) Cute comedic elements
3) Slice-of-life vibes
4) Mature look on relationships
5) Great chemistry between the main leads
Recommandé par Estrella
They are both on Netflix and have a similar vibe. Even the posters give me the same vibe. I personally think that if you really enjoyed OBS that Hometown is the one for you.
Recommandé par purplegukie
Our beloved summer is a drama that made you feel warm inside that is created under setting of almost all seasons
When weather is fine is created under setting of winter but it will still make you feel warm inside, it's a perfect drama to watch in winter though
Our beloved summer shows a 10 years gap, same year gap can also be seen with when weather is fine. It's basically based on how ml and fl takes time to understand each other life scenarios and together search for the perfect timing that is when weather is fine.
Recommandé par B_sheen
20th Century Girl (2CG) and Our Beloved Summer (OBS) is similar such that both have these elements:
- first love
- male leads are best friends both liking the female lead
- high school setting with their adult lives
- love triangle
- filming & broadcast as occupation/passion

- length: 2CG is a movie while OBS is a drama
- the plot
Recommandé par gCell at Work
Lee Na Eun the writer in a Cine21 interview talks about using the script of Worlds Within as a reference text and guide when writing.
Recommandé par Kabsy
Our Beloved Summer (2021) poster



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