Both are mini dramas with a (censored) BL relationship and a focus on sports. The two MLs are initially antagonist to each other.
Recommandé par emeraldarrows
Vaguely similar in that the main leads are 'brothers' (not biologically), do not like each other very much when they first meet but end up developing into a more romantic-hinting relationship by the end. They both feature a father-son relationship and barely mention a mother.
Recommandé par Grand Inquisitor
they're both chinese dramas and these 2 dramas inlude bromance and sport. Also the dynamic between the male leads are similar + there's no romance (heterosexual love story) part for main characters in both of them
Recommandé par akdage
Main story looks similar, our successful boy needs a supporter to become best in his sport branch + yes both dramas are bromance/bl
Recommandé par akdage
two boys start live together against their will after meeting each other by chance in a very unusual way.
Recommandé par Contrarie
quite a few similar aspects:
- centred around a sport
- sporty lead and other lead having an antagonistic relationship that transforms into something romantic
- sporty lead stagnating in his skill of that sport until he meets other lead who shows him how to loosen up and improve
- other lead being quite happy and cheeky on the outside but having internal issues that he slowly reveals to the sporty lead
Recommandé par Grand Inquisitor
Both Precise Shot and Youths in the Breeze have cute bromances between the leads, both of the dramas also undergo various deep emotions while the leads fall for each other in a very beautiful way.
Recommandé par btstaeing
Two boys are being put to live together by a "crazy" male parent. The newcomer being falsely as "cousin" or "brother".. it's suppose to help the attitude of the other guy so that he improve in his scores/studies.
At first they don't like each other much.. later they become each other's most important person.

Both are very light bl series on the verge of bromance or maybe even the opposite.
Recommandé par Loving_Roots
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