Codependent lovers (for lack of better term) that just want to be there for one and other no matter the adversity. There is that spark between the main characters that convinces you that they cant be with anyone else but that one person. Chaotic, mad, sad but pure first love.
Recommandé par kasumii
Three women who had enough seeking revenge. Sounds cool right? Well that is a theme that is present in both drama. One of course deals it with humour while the other leans more on the dramatic sad side.
Recommandé par kasumii
Both dramas have terminal illness -- leads who feel life has forsaken them but in the process of trying to accept their fate they find ou that life is worth living even if for a moment
Recommandé par My Liberation Notes
Both dramas have terminal illness -- leads who feel life has forsaken them but in the process of trying to accept their fate they find ou that life is worth living even if for a moment
Recommandé par My Liberation Notes
both take place at a hospice
both have an overall sad vibe
similar cinematography
in Chocolate the leads work at a hospice while the FL in The One and Only is a patient
Recommandé par BeccaButterfly
Watching When the Devils Calls Your Name really reminded me of The One and Only. Even though the story/plot is different, both dramas include a romance between multiple main/support characters and trying to escape and find a distraction from the inescapable.
Recommandé par lovelyzlove
Both dramas has the same vibes. Family and friends are the best part.
Both dramas about FL who has terminal illness.
Both FL have strong characters.
Both drama has cold heart character ML.
Both FL at first just give up with life at first until met the ML and they want to be alive in the rest of their time.
The good one is : no love triangle.
Both dramas has good OST.
Recommandé par VerheijenDiaz
Both dramas have nice romance , (I liked CFY better)
Main leads deal with difficulties
Brain tumor
Memory loss after brain operation
Recommandé par Montse
these dramas both have similar themes to each other
trauma, family and friendship to name the main points
both balance the heaviness of the subject matter with breaks of light-heartedness (more so in IOTNBO) and humour.
Recommandé par El101t
Although Missing is a supernatural mystery genre and TOAO is a melodrama, I found the Duon Village from Missing and the Hospice in TOAO to have similar atmospheres- how almost everyone has a sad story to tell yet find comfort and peace in the village/hospice.
Recommandé par Karma
deals with hospice care and various characters only finding themselves and true happiness near the end of life <3
Recommandé par Forever_Shawol
Having mentioned this by a couple of users in the comment section, I agree that they are similar in certain ways. Even though The One and Only just have released 2 episodes, I can already similarities in the main couple. They are both scarred by their traumatic childhood that heavily influenced their present lives. In JBL, it seems that the main leads are positively influenced by their childhood (like how they chose their career) but I can not say the same for the couple in The One and Only.
Recommandé par gCell at Work
Both are about two people who have little to lose and get caught in something bad. The guy appears as a thug and the girl as arrogant.
Recommandé par MacaroniHair
The overall atmosphere of these dramas are very different, but in terms of friendship, both of these dramas feature a sisterhood that I really long in a drama. In Be Melodramatic, they have been friends for a long time already and have been living together. Meanwhile in the The One and Only, they are living together in a room not by choice but by circumstances, but are already united by one secret. I really like these sets of friendship because of how different their personalities with each other.
Recommandé par gCell at Work
"mama i'm in love with a criminal"
In both drama both the main leads is technically a criminal who get together under some very peculiar circumstances.
Recommandé par kasumii
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