lol just another Korean BL

But like in movie form '-'

this needs more characters so im adding more lalalalalalalallalalal

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It's basically the movie of the Wish You show - but like in a movie form with a few extra scenes :)- . I recommend the movie over the show itself.

ajsdhudhodoiewjo (needed to add more characters)
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This is a given, but if you were like me and kind of disliked the show, I cannot recommend the movie enough! The movie was ultimately so much better than the drama and the story felt much more complete (in my opinion, at least).
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another Korean BL

and its cute <3

needs more characters soooooo [you don't need to listen to me waffle]
my mum likes to call my room messy when there's barely anything there and it's annoying

any tips on getting her to stop
thanks <3
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Both are BLs but honestly I enjoyed To My Star more. Theres a lot more buildup and development between the main characters and flows better (its also around 30 min longer!). But both are super cute movies and 10/10 will recommend
Recommandé par cie1ito
Não sei porque de alguma forma me lembrou Given. Mas Wish You ganhou meu coração de uma forma inexplicável. A Ost, a química deles, a fotografia, a história... perfeito demais. Sou suspeita a falar de filmes assim, com a temática mais musical, porque eles me prendem de uma forma... Recomendo a todos!!!!
Recommandé par Lalina
I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recommandé par Senseless_Sunflower
I find the series to be a better version than To My Star(movie). It is very believable and the acting is a lot better and makes more sense.

Give it a try :)
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Wish You : Par La Voix Des Airs (2021) poster



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