The FL from Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha and the ML from this drama both are from medical field, one a dentist and the other a vet.

Both of them moved to a small town/secluded area from Seoul, one to open a small dental clinic while the other to take care of his grandfather's vet clinic

Both of them are not familiar with the vibe of the village when they first came
Recommandé par Kayangan
Both The FL moves to a village, at first she has some trouble with the villagers but eventually gets along
Both the ML are kind-hearted and cares for everyone in the village
Recommandé par Suckerforhappyendings
I'm pretty sure anyone who has watched Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha was reminded of it while watching Welcome to Samdal-ri simply because they're both healing romance dramas set in a seaside village. They also both feature a female lead who moves from Seoul to the countryside after facing some difficulties in her career.
Recommandé par Little Joy
A drama about healing, change, friendship and family bonding. HCCC is a really sweet nd peaceful drama to watch when you are in a bad mood or need some change from action/thriller/crime dramas. This drama also has amazing cinematography and a beautiful scenery. Great chemistry between the actors and a beautiful romance!!
Recommandé par YULLISIHA
So based on the trailer it looks like it takes place in a seaside town.
Both star shin min ah
Both have likable side characters
both healing dramas
Family/life vibe
Recommandé par Hala
City girl starts to live in the countryside due to complications (in CLOY due to an accident). At the beggining everyone hates her because she's new and because she's from a big city but then, with the help of an handsome guy who is admired by everyone but seems to not care about her, everyone starts to like her.
Recommandé par Baby Aroha
same village vibes
fl moves to a village
ml has a tragic past
ppl in the village dislike fl in the start
ml is well liked by everyone in the village
Recommandé par babyboba
The drama seems to be inspired by the Korean drama Hometown cha cha cha which is by far one of the best Korean dramas. The drama is undoubtedly going to be healing drama since it is the same writer of Go ahead, The day of becoming you, and Hi Venus which are IMO a few of the best dramas that I have watched.
Recommandé par Aleena Koshy
Endless parallels between Hometown Cha & #LoveAllPlay.
Dusik & Taeyang, both orphans, are paralysed by carrying the burden of a mistake way out of their control, tied to a beloved senior/sunbae. Meanwhile Taejoon & Dusik suppress their wounds to be the smiling jolly men taking care of everyone around. Just ?PAIN?? but the wholesome, healing, cathartic Kinds.

Both have got every element we’re dying for these days. Absolutely beautiful cinematography, uplifting as well as heart-rending OSTs, ANAZING acting by the whole cast and a wholesome, healing plot with all the feels. The dynamic between leads of both the shows is so cute and equal in a rare way.

Both shows display various conflicts on multiple levels and issues, but doesn’t forget to give us the point of view of every character, making us feel for all of them inspite of temptation to hate.

And ofcourse, both are fine examples of character driven storylines with an overarching plot that allows for smaller storylines that do not interfere but rather enrich the main story further. Most shows just tease and dangle side plots and fail to utilise their full potential that could make the storyline fuller, leaving the secondary plots rushed & underdeveloped only to drag the main plot. But not these shows <3 They created fully developed 3 dimensional characters within small tight knit communities, exploring their complexities, and fully real-ised their stories in addition to the main one. Which is why they felt so full & not a single episode was slow or uneventful.

All in all, both the shows are so pure and pretty much perfect, and will leave your heart aching for more.

If you love Homecha and it was your healing, comfort show, you know exactly how I feel. Nothing after it has felt like that. But Love All Play will be joining the ranks of healing, wholesome shows. So if you like either of these and want a little bit of that back again, I highly recommend the other. <3
Recommandé par keerathbhandaal
They are not the same plot-wise but they are both have a feel-good vibe and, an excellent cast. They make you want to sit back relax while watching them. There is nothing special about both of them but it makes you happy to see the characters on screen though Run On does not have a love triangle storyline.
Recommandé par abbylee
i believe the plots are primarily the same. both female leads face the downside of their lives and move to a small town, where they meet a guy who's well-known around.
Recommandé par lelet
If you liked ‘Twenty five twenty one’ then you’re going to like ‘Hometown cha cha cha’ for sure.
• Both the dramas give similar vibes, they’ve same genre
• Both the dramas have healing stories
• Both dramas are like based more on village area
• Both the dramas have a beautiful chemistry and a beautiful love story between ml & fl
• Both the mls are really handsome and you’ll love the fls and you’ll love their characters
• The only difference is hometown cha cha cha has a happy ending
The best thing i loved about both these dramas are how beautifully they portrayed a story with beautiful emotions, both these dramas will give you butterflies, Keep your tissues ready for both the dramas to cry with happy tears.
Recommandé par Suhaniagarwal
The couple have chemistry and you will be in for a chill drama with lots of sweet and funny scenes as well.
Recommandé par ERICA
The dramas aren't actually that similar, but they have the same pleasant, cozy and chill kinda vibe. Both dramas will make you laugh a lot, but also cry sometimes. The male leads also have similar stories with trauma, blaming themselves and helping other people. Also the grandma (<3) is played by the same actress in both shows (Kim Young Ok).

So if you like either one of these dramas, and want to watch a show that gives off the same feeling while making you feel at home, then I'd really recommend you to watch the other one too. :)
Recommandé par sofipanda
Both of them have a heavy support cast of families and friend that creates a nice atmosphere of love and friendship. Also, although Hometown Cha Cha Cha is not slice of life, it has a light story that resembles the genre.
Recommandé par sumaririn
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