The VIBESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are very SIMILAR
The drink on the Witch's poster looks like the drink Mr. Kim made from hotel del luna.
But I think it matches Hotel Del Luna FOR THE VIBES
Recommandé par barbiedreams
Both shows are short, episodic dramas where magical realism meets real life. The stories are centered around a young woman, who finds herself lost and jaded by life, and who must learn not only how to navigate a (magical) world but also learn invaluable life lessons on the way. Over the span of a few episodes, we see how the main character is able to find her own confidence and purpose in her profession while helping others. Whereas these stories do not classify as romance dramas, they do not shy away from the theme either, and we are presented with just a tiny hint of romance at the end. Both shows are guaranteed to bring you to tears at least once, but they will most definitely also leave you warm and fuzzy because of their hopeful message. Only watch these if you're in for a positive feel-good plot.
Recommandé par MAI
Both of these tell about a witch who grants someone's wishes and get a price of it. If you like a fantasy story and have witch in it, maybe you'd like them
Recommandé par STKLa
- Both female leads are being punished in the same way for committing a sin in the past
- Both dramas include the plot of customers being offered magical dishes to help fix their problems in life
- Both female leads have sidekicks helping them out.
Recommandé par nene
She is not a magician but she is a witch who uses magic. The visuals is fantasy : tree who speaks), the story is interesting.
Recommandé par KAELEEDRAMAG
The main leads in these two dramas are very similar in terms of personality and both change with the relationships made in the drama.

The concept of owning a business to do supernatural work is also very similar (Haunted Realty and the Witch's Diner), along with how each of their work relates to human problems and in a way granting wishes.

Some of the actors in these dramas play roles that are usually out of their element and do a phenomenal job!
Recommandé par majorfangrl
Gives off the same vibes, where all the characters are intertwined with each other because of one person who grants them wishes that come with consequences.
Recommandé par domoftw123
Wish granting shop open for service. Are you ready to pay the price of getting your wish granted? Because there is always a price. To sum it up both drama focus on human mind, wishes, greed and deal the question of what every person thinks as most valuable in their life. Also the boss is a marvelous witch.
Recommandé par kasumii
It's the story of a young woman that have to work at a witch restaurant because of different events. That drama really has similar vibes even if it's less scary.
Recommandé par Bong Bong
Female leads are both witches

Comedy and melodrama

Fantasy and supernatural elements

Magic is used in both shows

Recommandé par Natalie Rodriguez
When i watched the first episode it gave off same vibes, the main characters grant the "wishes "for people and in the witches diner you eat the food in nightmare teacher you have to sign a contract
I recommend nightmare teacher its so good!!!!??
Recommandé par nicki minaj
Both dramas used food as means of healing. In 'Chocolate' food is used to heal and to connect between the two leads. In 'The Witch's Diner', food is used to grant wishes for the client. That is where the similarities end. Watch TWD if you want to watch food related Kdrama.
Recommandé par Lady Ajumma
Black comedy
Found family
Women centric
Recommandé par Natalie Rodriguez
Similar in these aspects:

- Both have that otherworldly feel to it
- Mystical-like storytelling element
- Dark and based on fairy tales
- Intimidating and powerful female leads
- Hidden past
Recommandé par cherry
Both dramas have witches
both are running food establishments
But they kinda drama have opposite feels, one has a light romantic comedic feel while the other has a dark fantasy feel.
Recommandé par FlowerPetal
Venez au restaurant des sorcières (2021) poster



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