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Cette histoire raconte la romance entre un jeune souffrant d'anxiété sociale et d'une fillette bavarde et enthousiaste. Né intelligent, Nan Xi n'a jamais eu de difficultés scolaires, mais son séjour à l'école n'a pas été facile. Souffrant d'anxiété sociale, il s'efforçait de trouver sa place dans un monde qui lui semblait toujours trop grand. Souvent submergé par la vie qui tournait autour de lui, il était obligé de se replier sur lui-même. Il voulait des amis, mais il trouvait qu'il était trop difficile d'aller vers les autres et de nouer des liens avec eux. Xia Rui, exubérante et bavarde, est un véritable papillon de la vie sociale. Entourée d'amis, elle était souvent le centre d'attention, ce qui lui a valu une expérience scolaire très différente de celle de Nan Xi. Leurs chemins avaient peu de chances de se croiser, car ils semblaient appartenir à deux mondes différents. Jusqu'à ce que le destin intervienne ! Autrefois des étrangers, aujourd'hui les meilleurs amis, cette paire improbable n'a fait que se rapprocher au fil des années, leur amitié s'épanouissant lentement en amour. Pourront-ils continuer à profiter d'une vie de bonheur ensemble, bien qu'ils soient totalement opposés ? Modifier la traduction

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  • Pays: China
  • Catégorie: Drama
  • Épisodes: 28
  • Diffusé: oct. 13, 2020 - nov. 12, 2020
  • Diffusé Sur: Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: Mango TV
  • Durée: 35 min.
  • Score: 8.1 (scored by 5,093 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #1979
  • Popularité: #1142
  • Classification du contenu: Not Yet Rated

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Gratuit•e (sub)
MGTV Drama Channel
Gratuit•e (sub)

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nov. 14, 2021
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Globalement 9.5
Histoire 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 9.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 9.0

Un drama qui fait du bien

Drama tout mignon, feel-good, avec d'excellents acteurs où 1 FL énergique et peu scolaire, guérit 1 ML un peu asperger très isolé.
Le casting est très bon, y compris pour les rôles secondaires, et on s'attache aux personnages.
On suit le parcours scolaire, universitaire, professionnel d'un groupe de 4 amis.
Pour une fois, on sort des clichés : pas de "villain" ni de ▲ amoureux, les adultes bienveillants, et le CL est remarquable par sa loyauté, sa confiance, sa volonté de rester ensemble et de protéger l'autre.
Série pas forcément mémorable, mais qui fait du bien et très sympa.

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64 personnes ont trouvé cette critique utile
déc. 28, 2020
28 épisodes vus sur 28
Complété 0
Globalement 9.0
Histoire 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Musique 8.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 10
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If you want something incredibly sweet and heartwarming with little conflict, THIS IS IT.

First things first, thank you so much Carmon Sub for subtitling this show, you're the reason I was able to enjoy it in the first place!

In general terms, Meeting You is about a girl who's incredibly bright and extroverted, and a very intelligent boy who has deep social anxiety— and the wonderful way in which they compliment each other and lift each other up in their own ways.

If what you're looking for is to feel happy and enjoy some fluffy, sweet romance— this is a must watch.

To tell the truth, the reason why I gave this drama a chance is because I am a sucker for extroverted girl/shy boy stories, but even then it's not like my expectations were incredibly high. But boy, was I in for a treat with this one.

Guo Jun Chen, who I knew from Accidentally In Love (I don't remember much about that show, though) is absolutely adorable as the shy, reserved Nan Xi, and something I really enjoyed is that his growth and him coming out of his shell is incredibly organic and feels very realistic; he doesn't simply change one day and becomes more extroverted, his spirit remains the same throughout the entire show even if he grows and evolves as a person. On the other hand, Wan Peng SHINES in this role as the bubbly, protective and fiercely loyal Xia Rui; she is so incredibly easy to like that you immediately end up wishing you had her as a friend in your life. Their chemistry is palpable, which is probably why it's so easy to fully believe they are soulmates who are destined to be together and it absolutely should not go any other way.

Now, what I loved the most about this show:

• Serious lack of heavy conflict and dumb misunderstandings that drag on forever: I think there are only two "real" moments of conflict in the entire show— one around the middle (if I remember correctly) and one in the final episodes, and they barely last an episode at best (maybe they split it in 2 episodes, but the actual conflict lasts for less than one).
• AMAZING communication: this ties to my previous point of lack of dumb misunderstandings— except for the second lead couple whose entire storyline revolves around the guy being clueless up until the end and the girl not confessing her feelings for him directly to clear it up. When there's a misunderstanding, they talk things through pretty quickly and problems are solved very, very fast.
• The relationship between Xia Rui and Nan Xi, once they realize who the other is, is UNBREAKABLE. Even though they don't officially get together until they're in college, they are both obviously in love with each other and they are 100% loyal to the other. There's a plot with another girl at first (not a villain, don't worry) who really likes Nan Xi, and he over and over flat out rejects her advances because he only likes Xia Rui, no one else. I wish I had read this when I started watching, cause I have serious trauma from dramas where things go right between the main couple and then everything goes wrong, which NEVER HAPPENS HERE. They only have eyes for each other through the entire drama.
• In the same vein, the relationship between Xia Rui and Nan Xi is absolutely amazing. Nan Xi is incredibly smart and does super well in school but struggles deeply with socializing, and Xia Rui is amazing at socializing and struggles with her studies. Because they are good in what the other is lacking, they are constantly helping each other in the sweetest, most wholesome ways. These two absolutely ADORE each other and you can feel it all the time.
• Drunk Nan Xi: Look forward to it.
• Their relationship dynamic is exactly what I love. Exactly. It's perfect. I have nothing more to say.

Now, a much shorter list of what I didn't like:
• The relationship with the second leads is a bit frustrating because you really just want them to get it over with once and for all. However, even when it feels like it's dragging for too long, the fact that their characters are developed in a way that makes it "make sense" for them to not tell each other how they feel makes it somewhat more bearable. Also, this happening at the same time as Xia Rui and Nan Xi are being in love and cute with each other also makes it more bearable.
• I am not one to question the lack of kisses in Asian dramas because to each their own, but there's definitely a disconnect between the way Xia Rui and Nan Xi are towards each other that simply does not correlate with how much Xia Rui shies away when Nan Xi tries to kiss her. It feels out of place for their characters for her to get so flustered about it, when what it would make sense is for her to instantly reciprocate, especially because they're super comfortable around each other otherwise. That being said, there is A LOT of physical affection that is not kisses, and it pretty much makes up for the lack of them. Lots of enthusiastic hugging too.

If there's more I didn't like, it's definitely eclipsed by what I liked cause I honestly can't remember anything else.

In conclusion, I 100% recommend to watch this!

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  • Drama: Meeting You
  • Pays: Chine
  • Épisodes: 28
  • Diffusé: oct. 13, 2020 - nov. 12, 2020
  • Diffusé On: Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: Mango TV
  • Durée: 35 min.
  • Classification du contenu: Pas encore classifié


  • Score: 8.1 (marqué par 5,093 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #1979
  • Popularité: #1142
  • Téléspectateurs: 14,341

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