Coffee and vanilla have lot of cheese, so do shanai marriage honey! I personally disliked coffee & vanilla because it have no story whatsoever, but it's kinda addicting that you don't want to drop it! Shanai marriage honey however have a baseline story, that how two stranger marry each other and then fall in love! But that story is limited to ep 1 only, after that i will say it's very similar to coffee and vanilla! The male lead is a bit cold / sadist! Female lead in both dramas are cute.
Recommandé par Aehsassy
Another swoon worthy story! Aggressive, infatuated man goes after the love of his life. Intoxicating ML always whispering those sweet nothings that make your heart melt.
Recommandé par Loving Asian
Both Coffee & Vanilla and Love Phantom are fast paced, whirlwind romances with generous amounts of kisses ?
Recommandé par Icecreams
A love story begins when Hirasawa Momoko, the cafe clerk at a hotel, meets a stranger on the hotel's observation deck. Even though they have just met, they repeatedly kiss. The next day, Momoko is unable to forget about it and learns that the man was Hase Kei, the elite hotelier who works at the same hotel and is too "perfect" for her.
Recommandé par 73n5h1k015h173
Both are romance, short and sexy. Both are relatively fluffy. Rinko has more love triangle, but less melodrama.
Recommandé par jillmg
24-year-old Murakami Maiko is a very sheltered girl who has never had a relationship with a guy. It is decided that she will go for a matchmaking session with someone recommended by her father Genichiro who owns a company. The man Hanasato Harumi is 20 years her senior and also a divorcee. Although Maiko is less than thrilled, she discovers when they meet that he is a charming man with an air of maturity and she instinctively makes a move on him. Harumi had intended to meet Maiko once before he turned her down since she is the daughter of the CEO of an important client. However, she turns out to be more than he had imagined. Maiko confounds him the whole time but he is attracted to her straightforward, pure, and dignified nature. He accepts the completed marriage registration form from her on their third date after she presses him for a kiss. They get married despite their 20-year age gap, and their life as newlyweds begins.
Recommandé par 73n5h1k015h173
A love story between Risa Shiroki and Hiroto Fukami. Twenty year old Risa Shiroki comes to Tokyo from her hometown in the countryside to attend university. Pretty and popular with male students, she has never had a boyfriend and dreams of having a sweet love. One day, thirty year old Hiroto Fukami appears in front of her. He is business man who appears to be gentle and looks perfect. A romance blossoms between them.
Recommandé par 4chukyunz1302
Same dynamics between the leads and with a similar shady background for the ML. In both dramas the romance is very quick and the ML is super obsessed, but the FL in Koi to Dangan has more of a personality.
Recommandé par Mic Lo
Same ML if you like Sakurada Dori, and he has just about the same persona. In Perfect Crime he's more angry, though, and the romance is dark, not sweet. The FL is the same in that she easily gives over to a physical relationship, and is a bit of a pushover in her interactions with every one else. Both are heavy on intimate scenes.
Recommandé par twiz aka unagibento
Very similar in almost everything. But I prefer Coffee & Vanilla than this one for the ML acting and the music to be honest.
Recommandé par Greyfeather_

A young ad executive's life has been turned upside down when a vicious client ruins his three billion yen project. Through his chance meeting with the disgruntled daughter of his enemy, he plans a vengeance scheme. The young woman agrees to play the victim of his bogus kidnapping.
Recommandé par 4chukyunz1302
Just like in Coffee & Vanilla, in My Secret Romance the male lead is a handsome, rich guy, owner of an agency, while the female lead is a normal, innocent girl. The two will spend a night together but they won't meet each other for years, until.....
It's a good choice if you liked Coffe & Vanilla, because of the similarities in the characters, also the story is pretty cute.
Recommandé par Chicken-nim
Similar story 2 ML & 1 FL, friends from younger days until they getting older. A twist of youth love along the way. Ray Zhang too adorable as always! Both movies a must watch movies with different story line. Inseparable childhood friends Shou Heng and Cheng Shing have their world thrown into chaos when a new girl comes to town and falls for Shou Heng.
Recommandé par 4chukyunz1302
Both are about female leads that have more of a dependent personality and runs into male leads that help them become stronger in their own lives.
Recommandé par ZhanShin_Eli
Bungaku Shojo has the same heavy chemistry, but doesn't move quite as fast. The FL is a functioning professional and not as empty-headed as the FL in Coffee & Vanilla. Bungake Shojo also doesn't suffer from so many unnecessary plot developments toward the end.
Recommandé par twiz aka unagibento
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