If you are a fan on running man, then you shouldn’t miss big picture, especially from ep 68-105.
Recommandé par Mong Ji
Haha and Kim Jong Kook are Running Man members. Although the setting is very different, the humor remains the same.
Recommandé par nastou19
Running Man spin-off by Disney+. The members played games and missions they have not tried on Running Man. They were also able to invite guests who could not join them on the show due to schedule conflicts.
Recommandé par Mee
Both have yu jae suk and kwangsoo. Both are game shows with slapstick comedy and loud bromance between my two fav RM members
Recommandé par XingBack
- If you love KwangSoo and JaeSeok both are a must watch <3
- Mini Games with different theme every episode (except that Running Man has a lot more members and has been ongoing for years than The Zone which only has 8-episode per Season)
Recommandé par SieL68
X-Man is almost like a prequel to Running man. The shows share the same always funny main MC Yu Jae-suk aka. the grasshopper. The shows also have similar content which involves missions. While the contestants in Running man complete missions to win the race the contestants in X-Man compete to reveal the true X-Man in hiding. Both shows involve celebrity contestant with one to be particularly exposed - Kim Jong-kook. If you watch Running man than I am sure you know Jong-kook's ever?asting love for Yoon Eun-hye and the teasing of other contestants. Well, the ''love story'' of this two to begin in the X-Man and is especially connected to one of the missions called of course. Both shows are full of comedy and are just a joy to watch.
Recommandé par Saruman
Haha is one of the Running Man member since 2010. Running Man is a popular South Korean Variety Show focused on a main cast of seven celebrities (included Haha) who compete in various games.
Recommandé par aciegna
Kim jungkook, leejoon ,
Kim jungkook real life personality on not being a bug spender,
In running man also jungkook had expressed his personality on not being a big spender.
Recommandé par Amlfcbmiv
This is the korean version of the show , personally i like this more than the chinese version.
they have also made a crossover between the 2 variety shows

Recommandé par ayxsha
Running Man (Korea) is the original franchise Running Man Philippines was based on. If you are new to Running Man franchise, you will definitely enjoy watching Running Man (Korea) where it all started.
Recommandé par IM YourOnlyOne
now that kang gary is on The Return of Superman it'd be fun for Running Man fans to watch him and his family there~
Recommandé par XingBack
If you enjoy the chaotic energy of one I'm confident you'll enjoy the other. In both shows they play a variety of games and they are given missions they have to complete. If they don't succeed with their mission they get penalized. Both shows are pretty funny.
Recommandé par SprinkledPink
Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo are members of both variety show. The concepts are very different since Running Man focus on humor while Busted focus on mystery.
Recommandé par nastou19
Both shows feature a number of celebrity hosts interacting with guests. Master in the house is more focused on a single guest for most episodes (but sometimes there are several guests).
Recommandé par awacar
China’s “Keep Running” was actually inspired by South Korea’s “Running Man”, and was bought by the producers of “Keep Running” in 2014 for copyright. I would say these two are quite similar, because many of the games and activities are the same.
Recommandé par aestheticbunz
Running Man (2010) poster



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