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House of the Owl japanese drama review
House of the Owl
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by taehyungsfatnose
mai 11, 2024
10 épisodes vus sur 10
Complété 1
Globalement 8.0
Histoire 7.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 6.0
Musique 9.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 8.0
The Ogami family is an estranged one where they act more comfortably as strangers with each other rather than being present in each others lives; Hence, the only time we see the full family gathered is in the pilot episode and in the final episode - In total, 2 scenes. We rarely see them all together, and if we do it's only when the father Ogami Ryutaro summons one of them to talk.
Since this series is heavily focused on Ryutaro (Tanaka Min) we as an audience get an insight in to how he's clueless about his children's personal lives and interests, because he's so caught up with his work-life.

There's no fault that this tv-series does not have the adrenaline boost that Imawa no Kuni no Alice has - And that is because the Ogami family's life is dull. There's no happiness nor love as there's always a grey cloud hovering over their heads at all times, and I think that's what's unique about this series because their emptiness is reflected in to the overall vibe of this series hence explaining why it's "boring" or "slow", as a lot of people have commented...

Tanaka Min carries this series on his back! Despite his character being "emotionless" throughout the majority of the runtime, you feel what he feels with his micro-expressions and the small details. They've constructed the character of Ryutaro beautifully as an anti-hero where in some parts you're confused wether to have a hostile feeling towards him or sympathize with him - But it's a fact that Tanaka Min is the glue of this series!!!
As for Mackenyu, they've definitely used his name and face for the boosting of promotion for this series and I agree that during this 10-episode time he haven't gotten the fair distribution as a credited co-main actor; However by the looks of the finale episode, that'll change soon as the hints are clearly being set up for him to fit in to the shoes of you-know-who ;)

Over all, I genuinely feel like majority of you lot have not given this series a fair chance. It's a fairly easy tv-series to follow along with, there's no complication nor major plot-hole and the acting is relatively okay - And the cinematography is wow-mazing!!! There's a true beauty to this "slow" series if you guys look under the surface carefully with an open mind and eyes.
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