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Ao Haru Ride Season 1 japanese drama review
Ao Haru Ride Season 1
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by S a n d u n i
déc. 16, 2023
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Globalement 9.0
Histoire 9.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 9.0
Musique 9.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 9.0
Hey there! So, I recently watched the live-action adaptation of Ao Haru Ride Season 1, and let me tell you, it was absolutely fantastic! As a fan of the anime version, I was thrilled to see how well they brought the story to life on the screen.

The casting was spot-on, with the actors perfectly capturing the essence of the characters. I was particularly impressed with how well they portrayed the complex emotions and growth of the main characters, Futaba and Kou. Their chemistry was so good, and it made their journey all the more captivating.

The visuals were stunning, with beautiful cinematography that captured the essence of the anime. The settings were vibrant and added to the overall atmosphere of the story. The production team did an amazing job in creating a visually appealing and immersive experience.

One thing that stood out to me was the way this live-action adaptation stayed true to the heart and soul of the original story.

So overall, I highly recommend this live-action adaptation of Ao Haru Ride Season 1. Whether you're a fan of the anime or new to the series, it's definitely worth watching. Get ready to be swept away by the heartfelt story, the talented cast, and the visually stunning world of Ao Haru Ride ♡.
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