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Coffee & Vanilla japanese drama review
Coffee & Vanilla
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by Sammi
nov. 13, 2019
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So I hated this show, the only positive thing I have to say about it is that it's short if it was longer I would have dropped it. The female lead destroys this show she is almost unbearable to watch. She has the backbone of a jellyfish and the personality of a rock. She is the definition of a damsel in distress always needs a big strong man to come save her from other guys who are trying to hit on her. The Male lead isn't much better same lack of personality. They have no chemistry and when there relationship goes to the "mature" parts they look like two robots who don't understand how human mating works but are trying it out. Their relationship has no development and this drama really doesn't even have a story. It's just girls get grabbed/hit on by guy the male lead saves her happy ending. Rinse and repeat till the end
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