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Precise Shot chinese drama review
Precise Shot
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by Paul
mars 8, 2021
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So charming and yet so simple

I really liked this story. It was a little simple but so sufficiently well done as to prompt me to watch the entire series in one sitting. I think that speaks volumes in itself. The young actors are nuanced even when the plot is straightforward - adding a dimension beyond the script. I was concerned about the female support role (Winting?) ... and I kept thinking "what is her problem?" and why is she entitled to intrude into another family so rudely. That said, perhaps there is a cultural divide between China and Australia that makes it hard for me to fathom her motivation. It did not ruin the show but it did annoy me a bit.
The boys do carry the show and I like the elements of competition and collaboration that are very reminiscent of how brothers do actually behave. Bravo to the team.
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