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Oxygen thai drama review
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by cocoon
déc. 5, 2020
13 épisodes vus sur 13
Complété 2
Globalement 7.5
Histoire 6.5
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 7.0
Musique 8.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 8.0
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A good cute story

First things first, a warning about this drama is that there is a lack of attention to detail. Just small things like, ‘how is he not wet after being in the rain’ or ‘what happened to those cuts from five minutes ago’. There are also parts where some actions lack explanation for example, ‘how does bunny’s dad have people that beat people up. what is his occupation’.

Also there is a situation where solo is drugged and almost raped by a woman and it’s just ignored. I didn’t like that but as far as I’m concerned it’s because she ran out of the building and got hit by a bus....

I know people love the side couple, but SoloGui where definitely my favourite. They have a relationship built on mutual respect and honesty so they appear to be perfect, but no relationship is perfect and the flaw of their relationship I’d say is transparency. To explain, when Solo fall in love with Guitar, he falls hard. Gui was his entire happiness, all that mattered was Gui and because of this he doesn’t really think about much else and by that I mean his fiancé. He honestly never loved her because he loves Gui but he just didn’t say anything about it. He should have at least warned Gui about her. Same with when he just disappeared. However I liked that Solo never actually lied to Gui.

This relationship was fifty shades of pure fluff. it was just really wholesome and cute. At first the bunny thing was pretty weird and cheesy to watch, but it eventually grew on me and I enjoyed it a lot. As they where a side couple they never had any real conflict with each other, so I wasn't that emotionally invested in them. So, when we learn that Phu needs to go to England I didn't expect it to hurt that much lol. but it did.

Kao was also the most supportive friend even when he was missing Phu, which I find so amazing. He is really the perfect friend.

PetchKhimPerthKhem (ugh):
This whole love square thing was an absolute mess. It really made no sense .
Dr. Perch has THE MOST punchable face I’ve ever seen OMG I’ve never been so frustrated. He has got to be the most useless excuse for a doctor how this idiot got a medicine degree is beyond me. He hurts and lies to so many people without even realising how much harm he’s done.
At the start I really didn’t like Khim because she didn’t know how to respect peoples boundaries and would invaded people's space, which I hope was the production mocking the fans that behave like this in real life. I think there was some development in her character, because at the end she seemed to have changed.

Initially the acting of the main couple felt quite awkward, but as the story progressed their acting, as well as their chemistry improved greatly.

I loved the ending of this drama so bloody much. Solo finally fixes his relationship with his father, and he is finally with Gui and their stepson*insert giggle*.
In the last episode, where Solo came to the farewell party and Gui kissed him on the cheek and ran away.... that was by far my favourite moment of the drama. The smile on GUI’s face was so authentic and it felt so real .

Lastly what I love of this series is the OST and sound effects. I don’t know if it’s just me but I love being surrounded by music like I can’t even sleep without listening to music so I really liked that and the intro was perfect. I literally never skipped it .

To conclude if you just want a ‘lightly sweetened’ series with many fluffy cute moments I definitely recommend this one. But be warned!! If you stay to the end it gets stressful as the main drama happens from about ep 10 before then it’s literally all the calm before the storm.
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