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  • Genre: Homme
  • Lieu: Sri Lanka
  • Contribution Points: 2 LV1
  • Rôles:
  • Date d'inscription: octobre 14, 2021

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Most Romantic kdrama ever made.
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Ultimate Celebrity in "Mydramalist"
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A k-drama addict

Role models

Ideal type - Eun Tae Hee from Tempted  😁

Favourite Actresses

  1. Go Yoon Jung ❤️
  2. Kim So Hyun
  3. Shin Ye Eun
  4. Joy
  5. Ha Yoon-kyung
  6. Bae Suzy
  7. Han Hyo Joo
  8. Seo Hyun Jin
  9. Jo Bo Ah
  10. Seol In Ah

Favourite Actors

  1. Song Joon Ki
  2. Lee Min Ho
  3. Lee Jong Suk
  4. Park Seo Joon
  5. Ahn Hyo Seop
  6. Rowoon
  7. Ryeoun

Legendary actors/actresses that I respect

  • Han Seok Kyu
  • Kim Sang Ho
  • Kim Young Ok

My favourite drama is Twinkling Watermelon. In my opinion it is the best kdrama to ever exist.It had romance, friendship, bromance, family, music, character development, high school stuff, time travel, two lovely couples, fantasy and everything.
It was like a mix of every best genre.

And the OSTs were absolutely perfect.

" Viva la Vida ! " 

" Hooray life ! "

 " Insaeng-i Manse !"

Now to a legendary curse word.

Shiba Sky!

Thank you Twinkling Watermelon for existing.

I respect everyone who contributed to this masterpiece. Thanks for making this drama. Respect !

and now to another good drama, Dr . Romantic - 

"Don't give up asking, Why we live and what we live for. The moment you do that, Our Romance Ends Well.."                   -Kim Sa Bu-

"Thank you for the memories
For being the reason for me to live 

still need you, need you
I hope this isn't the end"

"고마워 추억이 돼줘서
내 삶에 이유가 돼줘서
아직 난 need you, need you
마지막이 아니라면 좋겠다 "

Thank You for the Memories by Doldams

Annyeong ! 

Bye !


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