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Love Class korean drama review
Love Class
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by jpny01
mai 18, 2022
6 épisodes vus sur 6
Globalement 5.0
Histoire 3.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 7.5
Musique 5.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 2.0

A disappointing barely-BL.

The series is framed by a class about love, wherein the students in the class are paired off in heterosexual couples to do a bunch of love experiments. Two girls pair up, because one is in love with the professor, and the other has a stalker, so she's terrified of all men (except Jiwoo, who's too tiny to be scary).

That means that two boys have to pair off, and off we go.

This is a BL, and yet the class doesn't even attempt to address same-sex relationships, or anything not heteronormative. The most we get is that the professor allows the same sex pairings. To be frank, nobody should need his permission.

Because the stalked girl (Yuna) isn't afraid of Jiwoo, she allows him to escort her home, which draws him into the stalker mess.

This is a series that could have worked if it were twice as long. It simply had too much going on, a lot of it totally unnecessary, to cover in six brief episodes. Almost the entire story is about Jiwoo pursuing Yuna and dealing with her stalker. There almost no BL whatsoever.

Then, we skip all the processing it might take to go from identifying as straight and being in love with a girl to going gay. Jiwoo changes like a light switch being flipped, and Roa, who loves him, rejects him based on truly incomprehensible reasoning, then abandons his life and runs off to the sea. But we do have time for a silly girl's antics and pursuit of her professor and Roa's intrusive asshole roommate.

This story is so disjointed and lacking in any organic character or relationship development that I felt absolutlely nothing at the end.

The series doesn't fail because it's short, it fails because it's a long story that was crammed into a short space. For contrast, watch the 8-minute BL short Please Tell Me So on YouTube, also starring Han Hyun Jun - this does a much better storytelling job despite its brevity.

I'm often told that I should unconditionally support Korean BL because it's new there (It isn't. Long Time No See was made in 2017, less than a year after SOTUS) and operating in a homophobic environment (welcome to the continent of Asia). Why? I support good Korean BL like Semantic Error - I have no responsibility to support borderline gay-baiting like this, which is a cynical attempt to exploit a fashionable genre without having to commit to it. This is not a m/m romance, it's a story about stalking, with a shallow and cliched15-minunte BL stapled to the end of it.

Story: Since this is marketed as a BL, I have to rate the writing as a BL, so 3. I liked that Jiwoo's first hints of attraction to Roa was from seeing him shirtless rather than trip/catch/stare or accidetal kiss.

Acting: 7.5. Han Hyun Jun is more like a 9, most of the rest are fine, and Kim Tae Hwan is OK but a bit stiff.

Music: It's there.

Rewatch: 2 - I wouldn't watch it again, but I might revisit a couple of scenes that I liked.

Overall: 5. My overall opinion was that it was bad, but didn't look like it was bad. It's competently produced, but the story is just not interesting as a BL and skips too much that is important. I really hope someone puts Han Hyu Jun in something much better than this because he is talented and just adorable.
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