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✦✦ Hi, I'm hrl! Welcome to my profile!~~ ✦✦

I'm a Korean student living in Australia and I grew up watching all sorts of Korean content. I'm quite open to a wide range of genres as I enjoy all, but I am most particularly invested in the mix of Action, Mystery and Romance. Yes, it's a really rare mix, but after watching Flower of Evil, I got addicted!

I  watch whatever I see these days and it's rare for me to drop content because I'm the type that needs to keep going: of course, if the content is watchable or good. 

If you have any recommendations, do drop me a message, because at this point, I'm extremely desperate. 

✦ Favourites 

1. Moving

Well made, Well executed! It's not like your everyday, typical kdramas you see on your screen, but a uniquely, well-developed one. 

(damn.. why's he so cute..)

2. Flower of Evil

I don't know about you but this is by far one of the most well-created plots to exist of all time. I was obsessed with this show for years!

(Talk about a great actor..)

3. A Werewolf Boy

All-time classic, and my go-to movie whenever I'm bored or just don't know what to do! Power cast and an amazing, unique plot.

(I need the two to reunite in a new piece!)


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