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Skate Into Love chinese drama review
Skate Into Love
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by Richel
avril 9, 2020
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(Note: this review judges only the drama and will make no comparisons to the original web novel. Though, that would also make for an interesting discussion. Someday, perhaps.)

It’s a special type of emotional experience, watching a drama like Skate Into Love, which has solid strengths yet also a fair share of wobbly flaws. It took some serious consideration for me to establish how to reconcile all the positives and negatives; but after watching the conclusion, I can say that for its genre, Skate Into Love can stand tall in its field.

The basis of the plot is a concoction of classic rom-com tropes. The leads know one another from early childhood and, upon reuniting years later, their relationship becomes an “enemies to lovers” affair. This show's primary differentiating factor is its inclusion of ice sports, which dictates significant plot points and is crucial in the growth of several characters.

The first half of the show overflows with sweet and humorous moments between Tang Xue and Li Yu Bing as their constant bickering turns into genuine care for one another. Their romance is a strong force because they, as separate characters, are both independent people who have flaws as obvious as their strengths. They manage to grow together and are capable of helping each other because they understand the person opposite them incredibly well. It warms the heart to watch and you can’t help but root for them as a couple and as individuals.

That being said, there are some other plot points that beg to be mentioned:

One: third wheels. It’s a rom-com rule that they have to stick their head into the plot. Listen, I don’t make the rules. Take it up with the screenwriters upstairs. They’re the ones who insist on including several love rivals. Some of them can actually pique your interest as they evolve over time, so not all of them are a total waste of your attention. However, it’s my civic duty to throw one of them – Mr. Bian “creepy chuckle” Cheng – under the bus for starting as a minor headache, then evolving into a complete migraine by intervening in the main couple’s relationships in the most boring and inconsequential ways possible. He is, hands-down, the weakest link of this show. You don’t hate him because he’s an actual threat, you hate him because he could be interesting but just isn't.

Then, there are the side couples. Like the third wheels, I don’t even remember how many of them there are. But nonetheless, they pass around the baton for taking over the show every once in many a while. A key positive point about all the supporting characters is that the writers did try to make them more dimensional. Just like the main characters, they each have unique motivations and insecurities, making them feel a lot more human than what could be said for many non-leads in other shows. Whether it be friends, family members, or rivals of the main characters, I really liked how they all had their own lives and problems. That further helped make all of the platonic relationships much more enticing. Even so, it’s incredibly difficult to have a drama effectively focus on a main couple as well as multiple side stories – some will certainly feel like plot filler, especially in early parts of the show, because we don’t see their full development like we can with Tang Xue and Li Yubing.

There are also some moments involving the leads that feel a bit iffy considering their personalities. Don’t you just love when a relationship, consisting of two amazingly communicative characters who deeply seek to understand one another, abruptly crumbles due to external factors that existed but didn’t matter before? To have problems within a relationship is completely normal; and while I’m glad to see them addressed, the way that they’re depicted is sometimes too theatrical. I’m not going to lie. Seeing all the age-old melodrama cliches enter the picture and challenge the romance is almost entertaining – in the same way that watching someone slip and fall is entertaining after you told them beforehand, “careful, it’s slippery”: the ridiculousness of something happening when it shouldn’t is quite…amusing, to say the least.

These flaws aside, I overall found the story to be a good balance of being amusing (even hilarious) at times and serious during others. I liked how sports are involved in some of the characters’ lives, providing them with dreams and purpose. Part of me wishes that there were more competition scenes shown, as the action during them was fun to watch (and inaccurate, but come on. It’s people on ice with knives on their feet; that in itself is deserving of a thumbs-up). Much of that may be due to my own preference, though, since personally like some ice sports and would hardly object to seeing more of them.

As for the acting, I genuinely appreciated the life that the lead actors brought to the story. Tang Xue is a character who – if assigned to a poor actress – could easily be depicted as annoying due to her outspoken nature, but Wu Qian does an excellent job balancing that boisterous behavior with kindheartedness. Zhang Xincheng also shines in the role of Li Yubing. His depiction of a childish yet determined young man is spot-on. Together, these two actors created an excellent picture of a happy and young relationship, full of promises and hope for the future. When evaluating the supporting actors, I found their abilities sufficient for the roles that they're given and certainly wouldn’t mind watching their future projects.

As far as rom-coms go, Skate Into Love is satisfactory. Though it occasionally stumbles, none of that changes how it put some of the biggest smiles on my face out of many of the rom-coms I’ve seen thus far. You really just have to go in prepared to brush off all the cliches, because what’s underneath all that dust is a very sweet story that is worth sitting through.
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