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Ao Haru Ride Season 1 japanese drama review
Ao Haru Ride Season 1
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by etherealjae_
nov. 11, 2023
8 épisodes vus sur 8
Complété 3
Globalement 8.5
Histoire 8.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 10.0
Musique 10.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 9.0

Ao Haru Ride’s Best Live Action

Let me start with stating that I was a fan of the anime, and quickly pick up the manga right after, and unfortunately did not end up as one of my favorites due to many frustrations, but I was super excited about this live action since the trailer came out, why???

THE PERFECT CAST! like I was so surprise of these cast. I have also previously watch the live action movie version, and that pale into comparison with it’s casting especially for the main leads. I expected myself to be attracted to Kou, but never expected myself to be more attracted to Futaba on this version, the actress is such a delight to watch, and she wasn’t just pretty, she absolutely nailed the character, it was such a natural to watch her.

Season 1 only has 8 episodes, compare to anime who has 13 episodes, and the anime did not even get to a point where the main leads had their first kiss, so that being said a lot had been skipped. This live action was more fast paced and only focus on the highlights of the story, I would have like them to have spend more time on the friendship side too, and here I am suddenly wishing JDrama would have more episodes on their season. Probably the only cons I could point out. It would have been more flesh out relationship/friendship wise if there were more episodes to show the interactions.

Despite it being felt short, this version was definitely worth watching, the cast brought in their characters on a silver platter, they like came out of the pages, and portrayed their part beautifully.

The chemistry between the leads was great! I wish to see more and more of them, and I cannot wait for the season2. I need the sweet couple moments!

The premise was amazing, the story is truly a classic romance story with all the drama if you like drama. Childhood friends/crushes who parted ways due to unexpected situation, and met again when both aren’t the same person as they used to be, and despite that changes, managed to still fell for each other the second time around and mixed it with drama.

I used to be very frustrated with Kou like I wanted to shake him so badly, but with this version (at least to what has been shown so far in terms of Kou’s attitude with Futaba) it’s been tone down which I appreciated so much, and the portrayal of the actor makes me understand his situation and his actions, his eyes are very expressive that hold such sadness, and all kinds of emotions.

With more drama coming their way on season 2, I would like to separate that second half of the story from my rating, season 1 served well and big thanks to the cast, I enjoyed every part of it.

THE OST WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! I’m addicted to the ost, it has been on repeat.

P.S. big thanks to the subber that subbed the show, she didn’t want to be linked but you’ll see her watermarked at the credits, it’s been amazing watching fansubs again, it takes me back when subs are done so beautifully matching the fonts, subbing all parts.
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