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about me: i started watching asian dramas and movies in early 2015.
i joined mydramalist to organize my dramawatching process.

☆ i love making lists, and if we are friends, you will see me review everything i watch on the friends feed!
my favorite dramas usually turn out to have intriguing plots that make me emotionally attached. i love a good: 
☆ female-centered plot
:my likes
my dislikes:i'm picky about the humor i find funny, so slapstick comedy often gets a no from me. i also dislike:
bad acting
forced tragedy
☆ lack of chemistry
:find me on

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  favorite dramas from each country  

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my rating system:
  • 10.0: perfect in every single way, made me feel a lot of things and didn't ever make me bored. 
  • 9.5: perfect, but there was a tiny something missing. 
  • 9.0: great! however, there was a thing or two that could have been better or more interesting. 
  • 8.5: super enjoyable! but something didn't 'catch' me, something was missing. 
  • 8.0: very very good, but there were things i did not like or the drama just wasn't able to actually fully catch my attention, make me addicted. 
  • 7.5: pretty good! probably really liked it at some point, but it was far from perfect and it lacked something important. 
  • 7.0: it was okay! there were things and episodes i really enjoyed but eventually watching it wasn't that exciting to me anymore.  
  • 6.5: potentially good but not really for me. probably got bored during it. 
  • 6.0: okay at first, then it got boring or something ruined it. 
  • 5.5: would have been pretty good, if something hadn't ruined it. if i finished it, i probably regret not-dropping it. 
  • 5.0: i don't doubt there are people that still would enjoy this, but very much not for me, probably never would've missed out on anything if i didn't watch it. 
  • 4.5: boring. something that i'm sure there are much better versions of. 
  • 4.0: hard to watch, things tend to seem too random or don't make sense. 
  • 1.0-3.5: bad. very much not recommended. don't start this if you can and spend your time better.

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