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The Moment thai drama review
The Moment
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by crazysexycoolpal
févr. 14, 2020
4 épisodes vus sur 4
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Histoire 10.0
Jeu d'acteur/Casting 10.0
Musique 10.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 9.0
THE MOMENT I NEED YOU... When you analyze it, it is hanging. It doesn't have a complete thought... Yes, the creator behind this mini-series can make the phrase into a sensible sentence. HOWEVER, they decided for you to continue the phrase. And when you watch the 4 episodes, you will realize that what they want to say and it can not be put into words because it is a combinitaion of small gestures and events that lead to the ultimate ending.

The very first striking difference in other Thai BL is the setting. It is not the typical school/university. However, those that enjoy the typical setting can enjoy this one too... The looks of the characters are not that old, as if they are newly graduate.

I like how they showed what really happened (flashbacks), one can easily think that they deserve each other. Viciously cunning to achieve what they want. You won't get lost because the flashbacks happened almost immediately after. I could also say that the creator behind this is an evil genius in doing that.

The story is pretty straight forward which is sometimes a breath of fresh air that you will stop thinking and just feel the interaction of the characters. Kinda reminds me of the HIStory series. Fast-paced and every episode will give you different feelings, emotions.

The first 3 episode is a very good build up to the emotion everyone likes to feel. But of course, all relationship go through rough and shaky times. May it be before, in the middle or towards the end, there is always one event that will question our feelings. Their relationship is no exception.

"THE MOMENT I NEED YOU" was shown and delivered to the audience without too much fuzz and it can not get any more raw than that. Didn't concentrate on the drama too much.

"THE MOMENT I NEED YOU", one will think that it is a person, but this mini-series showed it in a different way. The person you thought you need is actually a person in the past but rather another person that make you truly smile when it matters the most. Someone who is patient. Someone who is willing to make sacrifices. Someone who is honest. And little did you know, you became that person you are "needing".

"THE MOMENT I NEED YOU", yes we need a full series for this.

For me, for th title to be complete in thought...

The moment I need you...

... you just came in the perfect time.

Both Bank and Pon playing Mok and Bay respectively, given that this is their first formal acting is pretty good, actually excellent.

For a moment there I thought Bank missed an acting in Episode 1, the key scene how this story started, but later I found out that it was all deliberate. If stare could kill, Bay would not last long. Reminds of Dean how he looks at Pharm in Until We Meet Again. The laser-focused stare.

You can see that the interaction between Mok and Bay has no awkwardness as if they are acting together for a long time now. Their exchange in delivering lines and or facial expression and body language seems too natural.

Do I see a brigth future for the two main actors? Definitely a very bright future in the entertainment industry.

The tempo is just right for the kind of relationship that the two is building. Not too slow and not too fast.

The beat is on point as well. Not too dramatic and not too heavy on the percussion.

The song is like pepper and salt to your dish, it heightens the flavor. But for this, it enhances the emotion that you are feeling.

Since this is so short and fast, it is always easy to watch it again and again and again. Especially if you are feeling down. Imagine you can be in love in the idea of being in love in under an hour. Would I watch this again? Honestly, not in the near future. But when I'm feeling blue and sad, this is a nice medicine to shoo-away the blues.
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