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Individual Circumstances korean drama review
Individual Circumstances
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by Ariel Flower Award1
févr. 9, 2023
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Missing... something.

Oh, man, how do I even describe this?

I went into this with no expectations and I think that helped my enjoyment of it. I was curious as to the main characters' backstories and why they were the way they are now, and that kept me watching. I actually did enjoy watching this and kept wondering what Yeon Woo would do next to woo (no pun intended) Woo Jae.

However, I do think this show ran into a few classic K-BL problems. The plot, while enough to keep me interested, wasn't the most satisfying. Yeon Woo did everything to get Woo Jae back, but Woo Jae honestly didn't do too much to reciprocate. I wonder if we'd had more of their past (where it was implied Woo Jae was the... pursuer for lack of a better word, though not in the traditional sense) it might have been better, but I'm not sure it would be. I felt like it was missing one of those "I realized I messed up and am now going to run to him" scenes.

Second, the actors were very much lacking chemistry. It wasn't super noticeable in earlier scenes, but towards the end where they were meant to be closer romantically, I felt like they were just actors trying to act in a BL instead of the characters who missed the other and wanted to be with their partner. The kisses were the stereotypical dead fish kiss and I very much got a "let's press our lips together because the script says it but no homo" vibe. I could easily see them as friends but struggled to see them as a couple. I am begging K-BLs to do chemistry workshops, please.

While I do think this show ran into a low-budget, low-episode-count problem, I also feel like the plot was all over the place and didn't do the best it could have. We got hints of their earlier relationship, we got hints of their current relationship changing, but unfortunately it wasn't fleshed out enough either way to give us any satisfaction.

It's a fun, fast binge for those who are looking to kill time, but I recommend you lower those expectations and just go with the flow for this one.
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