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Please Be My Family chinese drama review
Please Be My Family
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by Zogitt
juin 15, 2023
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This is how you (almost) score your own goal

This show is not particularly pretentious, and the early indication is a contract marriage trope with bonus cute little kids. The FL is a struggling single parent, but she is trying her best. The ML is the typical cold but super competent CEO who is also a single parent. After a series of fateful meetings and the odd accidental skinship later, they are married but not a couple. Easy peasy.

In fact, for a good 3/4 of the run, the show is motoring along very nicely. Their romantic journey is swoon-y and developing well. The little kids are not bothersome like some other dramas, and they add some colour to the mostly by-the-book main storyline. There is a hint of a revenge plot, but the general outlook is rosy.

This is where some iffy writing starts to rear its ugly head and almost scored an own goal. I’m keeping this spoiler free, so I'll talk in general terms.

The first problem is the portrayal of the leads. The FL is sweet and empathic, but she has a lot of self-doubt and can be easily swayed. On the other hand, the ML is smart but have very poor communication skills. This is a bad combo because it means misunderstanding can be just one scene away and any misstep escalates quickly.

This is not helped by poor communication between the protagonists. The ML, the grandfather, the FL's parents all withholding vital information and keeping secrets from each others. This only serves to pour oil on the fire of misunderstanding once there is a spark. Honestly, this is such a lazy trope but without it, there is almost no plot. Ouch!

Furthermore, the antagonist's motivation is a bit opaque. We are told one thing but snippets of information point to another. His mental state also casts a lot of doubt about what are facts and what might be his imagination. This is obviously done by the writer to keep us guessing and to create tension. Unfortunately, this part of the main plot is weak and loaded with inconsistencies and shortcuts. We are fed bits of information to try to paper over gaps in the narratives. For instance, one of the key characters is found to be adopted and her behaviour is all blamed on her time in the welfare home. Ditto pieces of damning info happen to fall into the wrong hands. Where did they come from? There are other contrivances, but I would be giving the main plot away.

Obviously, the writer is trying to shape the plot in a certain way, but it feels unnatural and leaves the viewer baffled and a bit frustrated. The drama would be better off without the revenge plot. The show doesn't need one and it derailed the main plot for little gain.

Acting wise, the FL is fine but her role is not well written. The ML’s visual is idol grade but his acting skill is still developing. There are times when he just looks uncomfortable and a bit lost.

The support cast is actually quite good. The SFL who started off chasing the ML but becomes the FL’s bestie is quite endearing. The 2CP works too. A bit kooky at times but their journey is heartfelt, and I can ship them. The senior cast members pull their weight and provided some stability.

I didn't have high hopes for the show at the beginning. I was hooked by mid show, but they lost me towards the end. The HEA ending and fan service helps to restore some faith. It is watchable and largely inoffensive. I just wish they'd leave well enough alone. Peace out.
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