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BL Compilations

swimming in the BL vortex

BL Compilations

swimming in the BL vortex
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Cooking/Food Based BL

If you like watching people cook/eat, then you might enjoy these shows.

34 titles 12 loves 2 comments
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Music Based BL
18 titles 10 loves
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Dance Based BL

Ones not on MDL: Five Dances (USA, 2013, Tubitv), Test (USA, 2013 Tubitv), And Then We Danced (Georgia, 2019, Amazon Prime Video & other…

6 titles 2 loves
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Established M/M Couples

Though seeing romance blossom is enjoyable, it's also nice to see what happens once people are in a romantic relationship. These are a few established…

44 titles 12 loves
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Favorite Steamy & Healthy(ish) M/M Romance

Not on MDL: Young Royals ep 4 (Sweden, netflix), Protect Me From What I Want (UK short movie, gagaoolala), People Like Us (Singapore, gagaoolala),…

23 titles 22 loves
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More Realistic M/M Romance/Life

Ones not on MDL: People Like Us (Singapore, 2016, Gagaoolala), Kuntergrau (Germany, 2015, YouTube), the various iterations of Skam season 3,…

15 titles 7 loves
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Crack BL Comedies

Want to laugh a lot? Check out some of these shows.  Not on MDL:  Schitt's Creek (Canada, 2015-2020, Netflix/Prime), Special s1 & s2 (USA,…

18 titles 8 loves
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Oceanside BL

Not on MDL: Sea Him (Vietnam, 2020, YouTube), The Stranger By The Beach aka Umibe no Etranger (Japan, 2020) & Esteros (Brazil, 2016, Tubitv)

8 titles 4 loves
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Countryside BL

Not on MDL: God's Own Country (UK, 2017, Hulu) & Boys (Netherlands, 2014, Tubitv)

19 titles 8 loves
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Favorite Flirts (BL)

Decided to compile a list of some of my favorite flirts. Also Lueng from One Love is on this list.

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